Computex TAIPEI 2014 - AMD Showcases Performance Difference Between DirectX & Mantle

During Computex TAIPEI 2014, AMD showed off the performance difference between Microsoft's DirectX and Mantle, and today the red team released a video from it.

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TurboGamer1660d ago

Exactly how much did AMD pay those devs to gimp the DirectX version of the Game? I would have believed them if there was a 5-10fps difference, but a 50fps difference is just BS at the highest level.

Kayant1660d ago

Nothing. It's a controlled benchmark so they can use hardware and settings that show the most benefit with mantle. It's not BS it's just very skewered to show such a big difference.

Lon3wolf1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

oops wrong reply

LordDhampire1659d ago

TurboGamer, Mantle takes the strain off the CPU and puts it on the GPU, a game like star swarm with tons of small particles and ships like that use a ton of CPU power, crippling even the strongest processors, hench why mantle shines.

AndrewLB1659d ago

And Mantle only has any benefit if your CPU is a POS from 5 years ago. Any $120 modern CPU will see only a few FPS in actual games. Mantle's main benefit is to Netbooks and systems with APU's. And truth be told, no AMD APU is going to play the newest games on ultra and when you think about it, AMD has far less discrete graphics market share then nVidia so why would developers use mantle other than for the fact that they're being paid a LOT.

PCpower1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

WRONG! Any i7 series from Intel will not have any issues with poorly optimized DirectX. This slowdown only affects weak processors like i5's or all of AMD's processors. Raw power is raw power. In fact with Mantle enabled, barely any performance gain is noticed on high end CPU's. That is because of the law of diminishing returns. This law cannot be violated or then science will be turned on its head. The more powerful something is, the less it is affected by optimizations or affected from poor optimizations.

Lon3wolf1659d ago


That demo ran on 8350's.

Volkama1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

Andrew that is a common misconception. Mantle definitely has it's place for the high-end.

I have an i7-3820 clocked at 4.4ghz, and 2x R9-290s. Using BF4 as the best example about, I get about 100fps with Dx and ~160fps with mantle. That's a huge increase, and a real world example.

I actually use mostly Dx though, and only play with mantle if I'm messing around with 4k res. The extra frames do nothing for me besides make my graphics cards run about 10degrees hotter.

@PCPower the fact that you say any i7 can run bad Dx code and any i5 cannot only proves you are making it up. It is exceptionally rare to see Dx run significantly better on an i7 than an i5, as it simply doesn't use the extra vcores.

Dehnus1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

Calling an I5 a weak Processor is really showing what kind of idiot you are. The top line I5's are every bit as potent as the I7 with the only difference being HyperThreading. Say you own a 3570 or 4570, of any form, they'll be getting the same benchmark as their I7 bigger brohter 3770 or 4770. The only difference usually being Hyper threading. So really calling an I5 weak is just marketing mumbo jumbo from your local PC salesman, that I5 will do you just fine.

LordDhampire1658d ago

WRONG! PCpower you are a fool, mantle hardly helps in BF4 because its not a CPU intensive game, but for a game with alot of particles and physyx then yes its going to strain a CPU alot even a i7 which I own, honestly my i7 is the only limiting factor in my pc because cpu's are so far behind gpu's.

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Magicite1659d ago

DX is a cumbersome dinosaur. I hope there will be more APIs like Mantle soon.

awi59511659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

Unlike nividia amd doesnt gimp direct x to kill performance on other platforms. Mantle is a slider you turn on to use it just like in BF4. You can choose to use mantle or use direct x. It doesnt gimp direct x like Nivida does to amd.

Amd gives the player the choice to use it or not to, your game will run fine on both if your hardware can handle it. But nividia's way if your hardware can over power the game nividias gameworks will throttle your graphics card so it cant take advantage if it.
And there isnt anyway for them to fix it either because developers say nividia wont let them fix their own game to run better on AMD because it would violate nividas gameworks agreement.

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richierich1660d ago

Is Mantle compatible with newgen consoles? (sorry if this is a dumb question)

Kayant1660d ago

It's not be AMD says it can however it's not needed as both API's in PS4 and XB1 have the same benefits. Remember mantle is meant to bring "console efficiency to PC" in the same lines DX12 is bringing it to PC/Mobile.

XB1 has a low level API already called DX11.X -
" Under the hood, Forza achieves this by using the efficient low-level APIs already available on Xbox One today. Traditionally this level of efficiency was only available on console – now, Direct3D 12, even in an alpha state, brings this efficiency to PC and Phone as well."

PS4 has one called GNM -

"At the lowest level there's an API called GNM. That gives you nearly full control of the GPU. It gives you a lot of potential power and flexibility on how you program things. Driving the GPU at that level means more work."

HighResHero1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

Mantle will have the most benefit on PCs. The new consoles have their own highly optimized, evolving APIs/Dev Kits. Considering AMD's collaboration with Sony(and MS talk of DX) one might assume that some of the Mantle technology will be present in the PS4 kits, but once again, Mantle is mostly to help get the most out of PCs. Some tech will be shared by both console's APIs though of course.
People are talking a lot about DX12(some possibly in response to AMD), which will also have more benefits on PCs, since they need way more help in terms of optimization. We will probably find out if it has any real world benefit for the XB or if they are just trying to create hype. Excuse the half asleep response.

(HAha, late response. Looks like Kayant took care of some links for you)

PCpower1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

Correction: Benefits PC's that have weak processors. You can look up the DirectX vs Mantle benchmarks and see that i7 processors gain very little performance with Mantle. All Mantle will do is give boost to weak processors to those who could not afford a $500 CPU. This will help gain them abilities to play games at better settings without needing a $500 CPU. So it will save on money mainly.

darksky1659d ago

Since XB1 will already be optimized with this king of technology I'm assuming MS will have gained alot of knowledge of Mantle to use in DX12.
If DX12 can match mantle or surpass it then it's a win for consumers thanks to AMD.

ChickeyCantor1659d ago

In all honesty, that demo did no look that complex. So what exactly caused DX to run so slow?

Seems like a biased move here.

Pandamobile1659d ago

There are tens of thousands of GPU-controlled ships flying around and killing each other.

Mantle, DX12 and the like are supposed to remove most of the CPU overhead from the rendering pipeline, which allows developers to have a much higher level of control over what parts of the computer handle what tasks.

This case shows how much of an impact the CPU overhead can have on a game.

ChickeyCantor1659d ago

I know what mantle does. Modern CPU's don't have issues controlling thousands of ships. that's not what this is about.

GPUs can easily render that which you see. The extreme framedrops are just biased. You can't tell me they used proper software. That what they demonstrated shouldn't be hard to handle.

PCpower1659d ago

This demo shows how weak processors struggle and will need Mantle. If it was an i7 then it would not struggle with the DirectX version.

Also, keep in mind that once you start to go above 1080P, then the GPU will start to become the bottleneck instead of the CPU. So Mantle will have no benefit at higher resolutions since the GPU will be maxed out to its fullest ability under DirectX or Mantle. So no gains.

ChickeyCantor1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )


1080p is not a bottleneck on mid/high-end GPU's these days. So a low level api still has its benefits there.

Without mantle the frame rates would probably be even lower. A lower API is always good. I just don't understand the extreme framedrop from the demo. It just seems like pure PR talk.

PCpower1659d ago


Hence, the reason I said above 1080P.

darksky1659d ago

@ ChickyCantor,

If Modern CPU's could match GPU's then why do the cpu tests in 3Dmark run like sh*t?

ChickeyCantor1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

"If Modern CPU's could match GPU's then why do the cpu tests in 3Dmark run like sh*t?"

What the bloody hell?
No one insinuated that.

If that's the test is CPU vs GPU then AMD people aren't making a case here.

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kingduqc1659d ago

tlou has like 5-10 enemies on screen, this has 5000-10 000 i think it's fairly complex for the cpu..

ChickeyCantor1658d ago

Why did you even bother mention tlou? A moden CPU should be able to handle 5000-10000 enities, provided the code be written efficient.
Which btw still has nothing to do with mantle or directX.

AnEwGuY1659d ago

Have your fun while you can, AMD... DX12 is coming.

MrUnfamiler1659d ago

You say that like DX12 is godzilla & Mantle is Tokyo.

Anyways all DX12 is going to help is windows 8.1 users, wich aint very many on the grand scheme of things. If my choice is get 8.1 with DX12 or Keep 7 with mantle, it seems like a no-brainer.

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