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A video game about war is perhaps the least novel thing you could create in our medium today, which is one reason why Valiant Hearts: The Great War is such a surprising thing. Developed by Ubisoft Montpellier, Valiant Hearts examines the aspects of war that are most often brushed past or ignored altogether in games. This is a game concerned with the human element of war, the stories of the people forced to fight in these terrible conflicts, the people displaced by violence, and the relationships that keep them going in the face of terrible hardship. In some respects, it's a clumsy effort. Its narrative relies too heavily on situational convenience and generic villainy at times, and its gameplay is rarely the best thing about it. Yet Valiant Hearts remains compelling throughout its half-dozen hours, thanks in no small part to its deft handling of the many emotional highs and lows that make up its small, but wonderful tale.

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LoveSpuds1567d ago

Just finished this game and have to say I was blown away, every aspect of the production values was top notch, the gameplay great and the story moving and thought provoking.

dont be put off by the length of the game, there is no fat here, it is great from start to finish whith not a single lull or flat game mechanic and for me felt just right.

What a moving piece of work, top marks to Ubi on this one.

Geekman1567d ago

They've been bringing the games lately. Rayman Legends, AC4, South Park, Watch Dogs.... now AC5s coming and so is Far Cry 4, The Division, Rainbow 6, etc.

vikingland11567d ago

Thanks for the info I bought this game yesterday. I haven't played it yet. I just started Child Of Light. Ubisoft has been making some Jets lately.