The Android TV games that will make you switch console

The eight games that could help establish Android TV in the living room where the Ouya failed. Is it a viable contender to the big three?

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60FramesPerSecond1665d ago

No, its not. Until mobile games have depth and massive budgets, its not.

1665d ago
extermin8or1664d ago (Edited 1664d ago )

Mobile games will never have depth because they arent designed for the core gaming market they are meant to be quick cash grabs and cash cows that siphon money of the more casual gamers looking for a timesink that they can siphon money off of over a period of time. As such this will never happen a few people will buy it for the games if they're addicted othwrs will buy for tv features and maybe experiment with the games. It might however lead to them entering the proper core gaming market in the future with an xbox, pc, ps# or whatever nintendo have out at the time...

edqe1664d ago (Edited 1664d ago )

"Mobile games will never have depth"

One could say those games alone has much more depth than any current PS4 or XBox One has (or PS3 / XBox 360).

extermin8or1663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )

Sorry I meant to say "will never have the same level of depth as main console titles" and they wont not like the proper core gamer centred titles. There isnt going to be a game like COD on mobiles which appeals to the mass market in the same way. I explained why-the demographic its aimed at andbthe style of the games and buisnesses models are totally different. Android TV wont be bought for gaming and will probably have a new model every year or two... It's like apple trying to claim a large stake in the gaming market with ipods and iphones and ipads... but who the hell bought them to play games? Very very few people if anyone . Its an added feature to dabble with to kill time thats about it. Unless you make it your main focus for the device and put most of your effort into pushing it it will always provide a compromised gaming experience. Baldurs gate is a fair point but its not been made specifically for mobiles no ones going to buy an android tv for that because its available on well any pc...

JBSleek1664d ago

People who say that Android TV will not have an impact on console gaming and could take some serious marketshare are blind to how special Android TV is and Android L to take them to a position to simply dominate the TV business.

Now that doesn't suddenly mean console will be gone but Android TV will be a serious competitor in this space. I mean they took over the mobile world in 6 years.

tubers1664d ago (Edited 1664d ago )

It will happen eventually but probably not within the decade (iOS/Android devices as part of the PC/Console multiplatforms).

I'd rather have "Handheld PCs" (x86 SteamBoys) in 2015/2016 and Nano PCs to play more higher quality titles from Steam/Origin/GoG/etc.

.. and just keep an iOS/Android phone for touch-screen optimized games.

I'd instantly get one if SE'd make a high budget Parasite Eve 3 Android exclusive (for at least 3 years) but that is far from likely to happen.

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