The Hum to Start PS4 Work After Gamescom, Dev ‘Hyped’ for Oculus DK2

VRFocus - Indie developer Ariel Arias is currently hard at work on developing upcoming virtual reality (VR) compatible horror title The Hum. In recent weeks, Arias has revealed that he is aiming to bring the title to the PlayStation 4 as well as PC, and that the videogame will be on display at Gamescom 2014 in Germany on 13th – 17th August. Now the developer has confirmed that the title will in fact start its PlayStation 4 development following the event.

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S2Killinit1570d ago

it seems that dev are already starting to develop for morpheus which might suggest that release is not too far off ? I really hope so. A release date announce would be huge.

AgentSmithPS41569d ago

Looks great and I've been wanting more horror, aliens, and VR.

He appears to be about to 'bad touch' someone, maybe if they gave him a purple pill for that heartburn he'd let them go.