Game Publisher Refuses to Honor Steam Key Promises, Banning Customers Who Complain

8CN: Game publisher Rockin Android is in some hot water with fans today over the recent release of their latest game, Acceleration of Suguri. The game recently made its way through Steam's Greenlight process, and had been a part of Indie Royale, a Humble Bundle-esque operation sponsored by Desura.

According to many customers, Rockin Android promised Steam keys would be made available to anyone who purchased the game prior to the Greenlight approval, including those who received it as part of the Indie Royale package. Unfortunately, it now seems that Rockin Android is no longer honoring that promise, and have begun a campaign to delete any information regarding the guarantee.

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TheWackyMan1572d ago

Just complain to valve until A) he owns up to what he promised and or B) (with some sort of miracle) get valve to remove his game from steam/greenlight etc.

XtraTrstrL1572d ago

Whatever, it'll just get them blacklisted and lose them money in the long run.

modesign1572d ago

great way to piss off your costumers, i hope hes more friendly when delivering pizzas.

dennett3161572d ago

A tiny bit of success goes to a devs head and they start annoying the people who got them that success by refusing to honour what they amazingly dumb of them. When you've relied on a small number of passionate fans, it's not a good idea to screw those fans over.

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