Why Titanfall Fell

Max Level: Titanfall is a great game but I don’t think there are as many people playing it these days. I constantly find myself playing certain game modes and no one ever joins the lobby. I think that Titanfall is a great game but something just isn’t right. Maybe leaving out the the traditional campaign wasn’t a good idea. We have games like Evolve releasing this fall and I am not sure if it will have the longevity of something like Halo or Gears of War. We already have our first map pack and a June update is coming (if it is not already here) with new game modes and other additions. Maybe this great game can regain it’s traction.

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Mikey322301664d ago

I dont have titanfall. I didnt purcahse an Xbox one and have not bought it for xbox 360 in hopes that it would show up on PS4 in the future year(s).

Is no one really playing TitanFall? If you own it, why do you think it is not holding peoples attention like COD or Battlefield does?

-just curious

KingJulian1664d ago

I think it's fun but I have talked to a few people. Some say there are not enough guns but they have also moved away from Call of Duty. Some people are Battlefield players now and they attract two different audiences. I think the DLC packs and the June update may help.

BX811664d ago

@ kingJ
Exactly. Excellent game but I traded it in because it lacks depth. Tf2 should be beast.

darx1664d ago

How did this BS get approved?

Iamnemesis48801664d ago

Last game i played of titanfall all on the other team were camping just like COD that killed it for myself.

sinjonezp1664d ago

Biggest issue, only three different types of titans. Fast, balanced, tank...think of games like armored core since the ps1 days that had extensive mech customization, from body types, leg types sub weapons. Primary weapons, etc, those games had extensive customization. I think if titanfall had an extensive level of that type of customization, the game would be incredible. I like it, its fun, but as I said, game gets stale quick. How many rodeos can one do? How many pull the pilot out of the titan one can do? How many ejects? Hoe many boot kicks, etc. Shields could have had more depth, weapons, standard guns, side arms, emp, I mean the list could go on forever, and to charge us a full 60 for a game with a decent amount if depth, and repetitiveness, I can see how one would have a valid argument.

Giul_Xainx1663d ago

This game reminds me of starhawk.

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brich2331664d ago

Not enough weapons or weapon modifications, not enough content, it takes to long to get into a match, matches feel like deja vu and C4 is really gay, game gets boring real quick after you've played it for a good amount of time. Me and my friends stopped playing just over a month after release. Thats my list and i'm sure theres more I could add, just cant think of them.

Iamnemesis48801664d ago

I find BF4 is more fun to play been playing that more.

Redlogic1663d ago

Fully customizable titans plus fully destructible environments and I'm sold. What's the point of having these massive and powerful titans if they can't blow up a wall? I can just imagine how much fun that would reality, all FPS should have close to fully destructible environments for this generation.

ThinkThink1664d ago

I have it and it's awesome. I play it the same amount of time I play every first person shooter I own. 2 months. Is the average longer than that?

tinynuggins1664d ago

That actually seems about right.

n4rc1664d ago


Played bf4 for a few months then stopped.. Same with titanfall..

Greatly enjoyed both.. But ya.. Inevitably get bored of all fps'

ovnipc1664d ago

I have the game and i have no problem finding matches. I have some friends that work at game stop and they say the game sells really good. My only complain the lack of guns and pilot vs pilot only game type.

liquidhalos1663d ago

I played BF3 for 2 years and i dont see myself putting BF4 down any time soon

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jdiggitty1664d ago

The matchmaking isn't very good either. I have it on PC and I never see any friends playing anymore. I've lost interest myself.

It won't be coming to PS4. I believe you will get more value out of Destiny or Evolve and suggest passing on Titanfall at this point

Monster_Tard1664d ago

I didn't like the AI controlled enemies, it's too hard for me to make out if they are bots or an actual player, I'm sure if I put a little more time into the game I could get use to it, but I'm kinda growing tired of the FPS genre in general.

SquillieDeeWilliams1664d ago

I just hopped back into TF, its as fun as it ever was, if not more!!!

walkincarpet1663d ago

I'm playing TF as much as I did when it launched and am having a blast. The gameplay itself with the maneuverability and the titans is intricate in ways that other shooters don't approach. The cloud server alone makes it head and shoulders better than the COD series, although I would assume that COD will finally correct that starting with their next release on X1. However, I do wish TF had more gampeplay modes and modification options and my one complaint against them is that their next two mappacks are releasing Sep and Dec! This is a huge failure on Respawn's part as most of their customers will be playing Destiny, Sunset Overdrive, Evolve, Advance Warfare, or Halo MCC. Why even bother with the map packs at that point?? Move on the TF2 and start working on the improvements.

GhostTurtle1664d ago (Edited 1664d ago )

I bought it for 360 with some friends. Pretty much what everyone has said, plus for me the #1 reason is the 360 users are getting sloppy seconds. This is suppose to be a Microsoft exclusive right? Why am I getting hand me downs so late? I already own a PS4. Is this like, their way of trying to persuade 360 users to buy a One? BC it didn't work.

DLConspiracy1664d ago

I never have that much of a problem as this person is claiming. Part of the reason they try not to include too many modes is so they have enough people playing in each mode.

Honestly this "opinion piece" seems more like a Facebook post of you ask me.

Pinkdolphinyfg1664d ago

People ARE playing Titanfall this guy is making an unfair observation to get people to watch his video. There are 4 different servers you can connect to East, West, North central, and South central obviously the East and West are going to be more poulated because thats where the majority of the population resides whereas North Central covers states like North Dakota, Kansas, and Montana which have very small populations compared to the other servers. I connect to the West server and matchmaking is a breeze and i play daily. Not to mention he didn't mention which platform he was on. There are too many variables to consider to make such innaccurate claims.

beerzombie1664d ago

Plus I don't see much camping in this game like people say. this game is a game of motion and if some one dose camp you can track them.

sinjonezp1664d ago

I think the biggest issue is customization. Lack of mech types, not enough guns, no mods to guns and weaponry so once you unlock everything, which does not take long, you run through everything and it became stagnant. And that's my opinion from playing...granted its fun, but it lacks a lot of depth. Sure its enough to keep you playing for a while, but when it gets stale, it does it really fast. Imo.

GoPanthers9991663d ago

I love the game, but I play it in bursts. Play for a few days, after awhile it gets repetitive and I move to something else. I strongly agree the game lacks customization, weapons, titans, etc. The stickers they just added are worthless, how about new color schemes, customizable pilots, more weapons instead of just repeating the unlock process for each regeneration.

The game really could use an actual 6 to 8 hour campaign and a ton more unlockable content and customization. I had a blast customizing my Spartan on Halo 4 and I still haven't unlocked everything.

mixolydian_id1664d ago

Contrary to popular belief, Titanfall was a lot of fun.

Yeh... guns may have been a bit lacking... the Sniper (a personal favourtite) was just too underpowered and the robot spectres ate sooo many bullets before hitting the deck.

It's a game best played with a with a team of capable FPS players.

If you join a lobby on your own you will be undoubtebly slammed.

Luckily the better players stick to Last Titan Standing/Capture the flag so at least the standard variants aren't hugely competitive

UltraNova1664d ago

Hmm the PC you used to type this comment can probably run Titanfall decently maybe you should buy it if you don't mind waiting for matchmaking, like alot.

Quanicus1663d ago

I still have Titan Fall, and have not played it in over a month. IMO it's COD wih Mechs. I haven't purchased or played COD since the first Black Ops. Titan Fall is a good game, just not great as the media wants you to believe.

DoubleM701663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )

When you have tons of kids and young Adults playing a game. They like to play it all freaking day. The game should be played in moderation. The same people that agree with this article will be the same people disagreeing when Titanfall 2 come out on both console.

xDHAV0K24x1663d ago

Titanfall is on MLG for a reason...

ProjectSeoul1663d ago

It's an excellent shooter in a lot of ways. However, it just doesn't have the last appeal that main shooters like CoD, BattleField, the old Halo's, had.

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NextLevel1664d ago

1. It was massively overhyped
2. It was kinda shallow
3. It looked last gen

BattleAxe1664d ago

Lack of content with a $60.00 price tag.

MasterCornholio1664d ago

I believe thats what hurt it the most.

Boody-Bandit1664d ago (Edited 1664d ago )

I've played the XBOX ONE version.
XBL - BoodyBandit

I don't disagree with one thing nextlevel listed and agree with Majin-vegeta as well. I will also add I'm not a fan of the bots, think it's way too main stream and overall felt generic. I had a blast with the game for a few days and than the fun factor just dropped off the cliff. It was just so bare bones and repetitive more so than most shooter I've played over the years.

I rented the game from GameFly with the intention of keeping it since I love shooters. I ended up keeping it for 5 weeks and kept trying to garner interest by playing it here and there but it just never caught on with me after the first few day and I ended up sending it back.

Have you played it?
XBL - username?

Brim1664d ago (Edited 1664d ago )

yup played it ... still play it to this day .. i could sit here and say i didn't get bored of it but that would be a lie ... but the update has brought new life to that game ... but as far as NextLevels post ....

i do not think it's over hyped i actually think it's the best fps since [email protected] ... and how long ago was that? the game was something special and people that haven't played it will not understand that they will just consider it a COD clone with mechs ...

as far as lack of content ... i do agree the modes are lacking but honestly thats all they had a bunch of maps then dropped some more the guns do not bother me because well its either they give up to many and no one use 95% of them or they give us a little and balance them out and everyone use different ones... so they went with the latter ..
They graphics do not bother me they might some others but i do not see 792p when i look at the game i see titans exploding and rocket salvos flying towards my particle shield.

do i think they should've released the game the way it is?... no i think releasing with 3 more game modes would've made the game GOTY candidate easily but who am i?.. just a gamer that hates that people can criticize something simply because of the console its on even though they've never played it ..

oh and my Gamertag since I'm just some troll is

x Graffiti z

and PSn is the same thing just without spaces since for some reason sony doesn't want spaces in names ... but do not expect to see me on there because i have nothing to play on there ...

e-p-ayeaH1664d ago (Edited 1664d ago )

also ppl are getting tired of generic looking fps games.

Brim1664d ago

how can people that never played it talk about something being generic?.. that baffles me...

ThanatosDMC1664d ago

They could watch streams or youtube vids.

InTheLab1664d ago


Why are the two forces fighting?
What planet are they on?
Who built the Titans and for what purpose?

The game is completely undercooked and generic. The grunts through pilots are generic. The weapons are indistinguishable from any other generic shooter. The classes are generic in that there's really no classes. The titans are generic. So generic, there's only 3 types of, slow, and medium.

Even the name of the game is generic. Titans fall from orbit so let's call it Titanfall.

The only difference between this game and Crysis 2 or Homefront is the fact that the media has hyped this game to hell and back.

It's a fun game for two weeks that's not worth the price of admission thanks to the lack of content. This game should have launched in 2015 with a full campaign and some form of co-op, with more variety. I mean, CoD 4 launched 8 years ago and has more content....

mrpsychoticstalker1664d ago

It needs more TITANS! and a Single Player Campaign.

that said, Titanfall is still a fun game to play, but at the same time many Xbox one owners have a lot of other great games to play at the moment, that's why they (including myself) have shifted our interest and time on other games.

I probably spend an hour playing Titanfall

Ark_1664d ago

Strong opinion for somebody who played only an hour ...

Lawboy21664d ago

I completely agree..the game is actually amazing and the update was really good...the problem is that it got boring after awhile and I feel that respawn took there sweet little time updating the game....the new mode is actually cool and the new titan emblems but the DLC and the updates took 3 months to come out and most ppl had moved on to other the moment I'm playing

Bf4 (re bought and didn't play it that much because of all the bugs at the beginning)
Plants v zombies (this game is the real reason I stopped playing titanfall)
Forza 5 (so much content so little time to beat the game play this everyday)
Titanfall (whenever I have time)
Watchdogs (trying to beat it so I can trade it in for top when I can)
Infamous ( still have to beat the evil side to platinum)
ACIV (haven't played in awhile)
Tomb raider (haven't played in awhile)
Rayman legends (tryna platinum on the vita)
Sly cooper TIT (on vita)

Having all these games is why I only play titanfall every now and then

cruzngta1664d ago

Agree completely. Single player is a must and would be most welcomed in rounding out the experience. An offline bots mode would be nice as well if your connection is down.

F4sterTh4nFTL1664d ago

I answer is not complicated at all, the lack of Single Player Campaign is the main reason. As a multiplayer only game it is still a great success but even having a COD like campaign would have greatly helped to immerse lots more people in the Titanfall Universe, hence the multiplayer would have been even more populated.

KingJulian1664d ago

How do you think Evolve will do? I haven't heard much about a single player campaign. It seems to be a heavily team focused game

Heisenburger1664d ago

Thats a tough question that you didn't ask me. Lol :P

I think the idea of Evolve is interesting. I love the idea that four friends with specific roles team up to take down an ever evolving monster. Now for me only one of my friends I actually play online games with. So I will NOT be purchasing a game that forces me to work with two other strangers. It's just not realistic in my eyes.

I think the idea is cool, it's just not for me. I do think there are plenty of groups that play together, and plenty that wouldn't mind being randomly paired with strangers. I just couldn't spend sixty dollars just for that.

I'm not arrogant enough to think that I'M their target with this game so I think they will be fine. I've not played any of their games, but from what I understand L4D has a pretty loyal fan base, so they should be good.

IMHO I think the LACK of hype could do this game some good. Some honest to goodness word of mouth advertisement by fans is what I think would sell the game. E.g. Some guy showing his friends how he can punk some guys online as a monster.

iamnsuperman1664d ago

It just wasn't the product to push a more expensive console. It just didn't have that heavy weight punch. Why? Who knows but a new ip mixed with multiplayer only and sharing similarities with current and established FPS franchises could be valid reasons (along with appearing/being pushed on an expensive system that suffered early PR damage)