5 Games We're Looking Forward to in July

From ancient Indian RPGs, to adventure games from acclaimed comic book and fantasy writers, Paste Magazine runs down the five games we're most excited about in July.

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mochachino3130d ago

Yep, summer drought in full effect.

AstroCyborg3130d ago

who cares its the summer go outside its beautiful out

TheSaint3129d ago

How's the resolution? Frames Per Second??

Is the AI any good?

Magicite3129d ago (Edited 3129d ago )

Indie Month.
I think August wont be much better.
TLOU Remastered should sell well, people will be thirsty, until Destiny, then until LBP3, Driveclub and more goodies that most wallets wont handle.

brotherlymoses3130d ago

So, the wait for destiny/fall games begins...

Geekman3130d ago

It's one thing not to put The Last of Us on here. It's another to cross it off the list.

PlaystationSquuad3130d ago

Shout out to all the smart people who havn't bought a PS4/X1 yet and are still deep in their backlog of 360/PS3 games. No summer drought over here

Faztkiller3130d ago

I got a back log on PS4. Guess I just don't have as much free time as others I don't know

iSuperSaiyanGod3129d ago

On Ps4 I Have Madden , infamous , Nba 2k , Injustice , Assassins Creed , Battlefield 4 , Call Of Duty Ghost And Watch Dogs . All Great Games . turned On my ps3 before I traded it in last week . It was like going back into the Stone Age lol . I can honestly say I prefer the ps4 to the ps3 . Also picked up a n64 and got my 360 hack this week so I got about 60 new games for it . Between that really no drought .

iSuperSaiyanGod3129d ago

Oh and I just picked up a 3ds XL last week lol