Another Dead Island Game Announced – Is It One Too Many?

Pixel Gate writes:

''Dead Island 2 was some what of a surprise announcement. Given the short gaps between the first two games releases, it was expected that the franchise would be rested in terms of main entries. While the reaction to the Dead Island 2 trailer was positive, there’s still groans over yet another zombie game. The over saturation of Zombies in the media, especially video games, has left a lot of people jaded. With Dead Island, H1Z1 and Dying Light, the zombie sub genre is set to grow and grow.''

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CaptainYesterday1627d ago

Well they all seem very different so I'm fine with it and I'm actually really excited for Dead Island 2 :)

GamerEuphoria1627d ago

The concept of Dead Island is awesome, just the first two were a bit..flat? hoping they fix that in DR2...and have smooth co-op at launch

Sayai jin1626d ago

Agreed. I enjoyed the other two games and I am looking forward to this one.

Dannycr1626d ago

Between this a Dying Light, I will need a lot of convincing.

I played Dying Light at E3 and it was just Dead Island with prettier visuals, better framerate and some sort of Parkour.

I don't know what Dead Island 2 can offer other than that and I don't think I will buy two games that are practically the same.

ab5olut10n1626d ago

did dying light come off as more serious than dead island?

Dannycr1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

Not really. It was practically the same. The demo was timed, so you could just roam around and kill zombies, but it didn't feel any different. It felt like an HD remake of dead island 1 (if that makes sense).

I liked it though, cause gameplay felt more fluid (better framerate), but If it is more serious, the demo didn't demonstrate that at all.

theDivision1626d ago

How was the parkour? was it just like assassins creed where you hold down a button and can parkour anything you get close to or did it require more skill?

Dannycr1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

Not really like Assassin's creed, there were some limitations and it certain areas it might take a bit of skill, but nothing groundbreaking as far as I could see. I didn't test it enough to say if it was like a REAAALLY advanced mechanic and I don't know if there will be some sort of perks during character progress that you unlock to add movements or stuff related to the parkour, but I did feel that it made traversal a bit different and more fluid than Dead Island.

However, climbing into stuff seemed to make the game easier. You could just climb into a bus and kill the zombies from the top of it.

My personal opinion about the game is that it's just Dead Island with better visuals and more fluid gameplay. If you liked Dead Island despite of its shortcomings, you probably would like Dying Light, but we also have to check what Dead Island 2 will offer because it could render Dying Light completely obsolete.

FlyingFoxy1626d ago

After playing Killing Floor and L4D1+2 so much, then going to Dead Island.. well, i was not impressed.. their games are just so broken and boring compared to Valve and Tripwire's game.

beerzombie1626d ago

Escape dead Island looks to be the best of the three. The art work and style is what I want to play.

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