The Endless Brocast Episode 23: Best of Gen 7 - Platformers

Hope all is well where you are, it's about that time of the week again for another Endless Brocast. This week on part 5 of our best of gen 7 series we (Endlessbacklog) kibitz and debate about the best platformers of last gen. Ben, Brian, and Gagan argue the finer points of Mario Galaxy, Super Meat Boy, and if Little Big Planet deserves a spot in spite of its mechanics

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60FramesPerSecond2501d ago

Super Meat Boy is insane. I spent hours beatig the i wanna be the guy levels. Mario galaxy 2 was fun. Never got into DK much, maybe i should give it another try. LBP2 had amazing story mode, great customization. Mirrors edge was a great concept, just didnt feel perfectly executed. the weapon parts were not necessary. rayman origins had incredible art style, wasnt massive fan of gameplay though.

jg4xchamp2501d ago

DKCR: Is definitely worth a spin. Might not feel all that refreshing or anything like that, but some tight game design there.

We spent a decent amount of time talking about it, though some of it ended up being negative, because that's how this type of stuff goes.