Marvelous Shenanigans

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 may have been removed from XBL and PSN in the purge of Marvel titles, but the game still has a few tricks up it's sleeve. A while ago it was discovered that you could save the same character 3 times in the saved teams menu thanks to a game save hack that can be found on Eventhubs or in the spoiler below.

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Jacktrauma3137d ago

That's awesome! I hated to see that the games got removed :( they're so good!

Magnus7013137d ago

Yeah, but Disney and Hollywood want all the licensing for every Marvel character and will not let people make or update games......just because

Stevefantisy3137d ago

Oh Disney how you want to rule the world....I guess they will do it one superhero at a time.

JoeIsMad3137d ago

That's just some nonsense. Hack combos just piss me off!