Nano Assault developer is working on a PlayStation 4 game

FanBolt writes: "Shin’en Multimedia hinted via Twitter that they may have a game in development for PlayStation 4. In response to yours truly, the company said, “Perhaps you can play another Shin’en shooter soon on your PS4”. We reached out to Shin’en to determine the validity of the Tweet and got this in response –"

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Neonridr3140d ago

Sweet. Shin'en has done wonders for Nintendo. Glad to see others will be able to enjoy them. I wonder if it will be either a port of Nano Assault Neo or a brand new iteration?

BoneBone3140d ago

Also all the stuff Shin'en say about Wii U hardware being quite powerful can't be met with "Well, what do they know, they only make games for Nintendo anyway", anymore!

Yay ;-)

wonderfulmonkeyman3140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

Maybe now ps4 owners will see why us wii u owners love to brag about shin'en so often.
Hope their new game finds some success!

MNGamer-N3140d ago

Shin'en is the Shiz'nit