Appirits introduced unique Pandemonium mode for Shikihime Garden

Appirits, the Japanese game developer and publisher recently has released a unique play mode namely Pandemonium for their free-to-play browser-based card & simulation game Shikihime Garden since July 1st 2014.

Shikihime Garden may be seen as a RPG Farmville edition made by Japanese combined with traditional card combat gameplay. The game requires players to battle against numerous enemies to collect new cards (called Shikihime, i.e. girls using magic) and items which later can be used as decorations in their small but cute gardens. The good mix of card-based gameplay and simulation factors is what makes Shikihime Garden outstanding from other card games.

By introducing the brand new Pandemonium mode, Appirits now put players' gardens under numberless attacks from hordes of monsters and evil spirits. Players will select Shikihime cards to a special deck to fight against those fierce enemies. Pandemonium mode will force players to overcome several waves of attacks to protect their peaceful gardens. For each wave, players need to select a Shikihime card for the role of a leader who will determine Attack power of the whole deck.

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