220°'s new profile setup is live!

Remember on Friday when we reported that the profile setups on would be receiving a new facelift? Well, I hope you weren’t planning on waiting a while for this feature to be implemented, because it’s already live!

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truefan13254d ago

MSFT has done an amazing job with the XBOX community, XB1,, and smartglass. They basically improved that user created site that displayed recorded xbox videos.

TheRedButterfly3254d ago

I think Smartglass could still use some work (at least on Windows Phone... Idk what other platforms are like.), but other than that I definitely agree!

Not to mention the monthly XO updates. Snappable Achievements? Hell yeah!

mhunterjr3254d ago

I've got smart glass on iOS and android... I don't know if it has to do with apple's API's, but the android version is much better.

What are your issues with smart glass on windows phone? I assumed it would be the best.

60FramesPerSecond3254d ago

smartglass for forza horizon is broken. sad, as it could have been awesome.

Grown Folks Talk3254d ago

Integrated store would be nice. Browse, buy, initiate downloads via smartglass.

SKnight133254d ago

Agreed. Just recently picked one up. It has already changed so much since launch. Really looking forward to Sunset Overdrive, Halo MCC, Forza Horizon 2, Below, and Oni all hopefully this year.

My next wish is to be able to control your DVR through OneGuide. I already love snapping the futbol games while waiting for matchmaking.

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LackTrue4K3254d ago

them Avatar pictures look dam clean! And i love how Xbox has improved on its looks.

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tgunzz3254d ago

Shoot! Just keep up the great work. The user experience is becoming more amazing by the update....

OpieWinston3254d ago

Ryse had some amazing artwork attached to it.

If Crytek does go under, their artists would have no trouble finding jobs.

SKnight133254d ago

Microsoft needs to find or create a new studio for a Ryse sequel if Crytek won't be able to do it. It has so much potential. The change in development from a Xbox 360 Kinect game to a controller based Xbox One game really affected development.

Yet the game still turned out gorgeous. I have hope.

OpieWinston3254d ago (Edited 3254d ago )

Well Crytek still owns the IP.

So it all depends on if Crytek goes under or Microsoft buys them out.

I'm looking forward to seeing what Crytek does...Hopefully realizes F2P is NOT the answer.

Capcom made the same mistake...

StealthPandemic3254d ago


Actually the reason the Sequel was canned was due to the dispute of who owns the IP.

tgunzz3254d ago

Crytek has shown what can happen, when you scratch just little beneath the surface of xb1. I personally love that game, and boy did I think of it when watching 300 Rise of the empire!!

Gozer3254d ago

It really doesn't make much sense for Ryse 2 to be canned. Just because Crytek doesn't want to sell the rights to the game to MS shouldn't have any effect on whether or not there is a sequel made. They could easily make the game multiplat, or even cut a deal with MS for exclusivity like they did with the first game. I don't think we have seen the end of Ryse.

Half_Minute_Hero3254d ago

I agree about Ryse 2. The foundation is solid and is already there. Just make the gameplay less repetitive and you have a hit..

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Illusive_Man3254d ago


Xbox Won.

Damn this box just keeps getting better! Keep it up!

3254d ago
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