Debatable: Rock Simulator is Good for Games

Posted by Colm Ahern

Debatable is a weekly show where Colm Ahern gives you his opinion on the latest hot button issue in video games. This week, I’m looking at Rock Simulator and the rise of games with “Simulator” in the title.

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Best Comedic Video Games: Try these games for a good laugh

GF365: "Sometimes a funny and less stressful game is a welcome change. Here are the best comedic video games that will surely improve your mood."

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adaminoregon298d ago

South park stick of truth is the funniest game ever made.


The Strangest Simulator Games You Can Play Right Now

BLG writes: "What are the qualifications to get a game on the “Strangest Simulators” list? Basically, any game that really makes me ask why, how, or who. Why does this need to exist? How did someone actually think to make this? Who the heck is playing this? I believe I asked these questions when Death Stranding —AKA the best walking simulator — came out, but you won’t find that game on this list. "

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The 10 Weirdest Video Games You Can Play Today

From Xfire: "Anyone who's played video games for a couple of years has stuck around long enough to stumble across a few weird ones. Some are even quite popular, which is all the more reason why you'll wonder what made the developers think about making such a game and why people are loving it, despite its weirdness anyway. Not all weird video games are head-scratches. Some are actually quite good."

BlackDoomAx874d ago

The stick of truth is a must have for any South Park fans. I spent a good afternoon on Goat simulator, a rare real open world. I planned to try hatoful boyfriend since it was free on Ps Plus. Disco Elysium is on my radar since the final cut came out; as soon as there is a discount, i will take it. Like movies, i like weird games too :)