Eight long forgotten Microsoft IPs

GamesAsylum: "Many long forgotten IPs were launched on the original Xbox, back in the early days when Microsoft was trying to broaden the console’s appeal as wide as possible. They didn’t seem particularly bothered if they had a hit on their hands or not – in an attempt to steal some limelight from Sony and Nintendo, they were simply focused on getting new games on the shelves, and plenty of press coverage to accompany them."

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maniacmayhem3150d ago

Blinx should be the Xbox One's mascot. It definitely had a good premise and the gameplay was pretty ahead of itself at the time.

If I was MS I would consider Blinx more of a mascot than Conker, since Conker still has old ties to Nintendo.

Why o why3150d ago (Edited 3150d ago )

How about me being the 100th person from n4g to ask for a crimson skies. That snoopoy dog fighting xbl game was the closest thing to it. I swear there was some kind of connection.

Next up that ninja demon game Otagi

HaveAll33150d ago

I love to Crimson skies I wish they would do that again or even a MechAssault 1. Loved the online on both of those games.

maniacmayhem3150d ago

A Crimson Skies or any type of air combat whether it's in the skies or in space is welcomed.

christocolus3150d ago

Phil plans to bring back some old ips so I'm guessing we will see some of these on the xbox one at some point. My list goes like this though

Crimson skies
Mech assault
Midtown madness
Lost odysee
Fuzion frenzy
Kung fu chaos

darthv723150d ago

Crimson skies would definitely be a hit if it was remade. Perhaps sega can resurrect propeller arena as well.

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AnotherProGamer3150d ago

Blinx was actually planned to be the Xbox mascot but Halo stole the thunder

denawayne3150d ago

No Mech Assault or Crimson Skies?

GamingAngelGabriel3150d ago

Don't you remember what happened with the original Xbox? Blinx WAS the mascot, and no one cared. That being said, I'd love a sequel.

maniacmayhem3150d ago

I think Xbox tried to push Blinx but it just didn't go anywhere due partly to Halo.

But I think with the FPS genre being a dime a dozen nowadays a return to the mascot days can happen and Blinx could lead the way for the Xbox.

BullyMangler3150d ago

only a noob would consider Conker to be micro's

VforVideogames3150d ago

fusion frenzy was and still is a family fun multi-player, I wish for a third one just imagine fusion with Kinect. or just to mention Kinect Party for 360 its hella fun and its free, wish we have that on Xbox One.

RiPPn3150d ago

When Phil Spencer was on Giant Bombcast at E3 he was crapping all over old Xbox ip's especially Blinx, he all but said he hated that ip.

maniacmayhem3150d ago

MS has the technology. Blinx will be that game. Better than it was before.


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NonShinyGoose3150d ago

With Rare now at a loose end, MS could always give them Blinx to mess around with. It probably won't ever happen, but it's fun to fantasise about such things.

OC_MurphysLaw3150d ago

Brute Force seems like a game that was meant to be developed now when 4 player coop is all the rage now. I would love to see a reboot / re-imagining of that game.

Mechassault (not listed) would also top my list of bring it back games.

AngelicIceDiamond3150d ago

Blinks, Quantum RedShift and Fuzion Frenzy realistically seeing a return also Bloodwake.

MS has a quite a few old gems Phil needs to consider bring them back.

LightDiego3150d ago

Kameo deserves another game too.

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