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CCC Says: "Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark is the latest in a long line of action games based on the series of Michael Bay movies based on the franchise that delighted us as kids. Yes, they are still making these crappy movies. Yes, they are still making games for these crappy movies. Yes, another one is about to come out and if you already played any of the Transformers games that have come out before, or movie tie-in games in general, then you know what to expect."

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UbiquitousClam1575d ago

What an oddly specific score.

Magicite1575d ago

why are video games based on movies so crappy?

Maddens Raiders1575d ago (Edited 1575d ago )

My god, that's putrid.

After all this time... I believe that Transformers: The Movie is the best one that ever was.

In my eyes... it will never be topped.

samchez771575d ago

Could not agree more Maddens. Micheal Bay as made a mockery of my childhood.

WeAreLegion1575d ago

It sucks what happened to High Moon. I'm sure they would have done a much better job with this.

Dudebro901575d ago

Yes, they are still making these crappy movies.

Thats quality journalism right there.