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ThaMofo from 3rd-strie writes:

"Enemy Front, the latest title from CI Games goes back to the basics that made current franchises as Call of Duty and Battlefield the behemoths they are today. The game provides us with a World War II setting but not from the real soldiers’ point of view but from the common Joe, namely the resistance. Sadly the true enemy front this game finds itself on is filled with unfinished ideas, bugs and poor AI."

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Aon1665d ago

I don't agree with this rating. For me Enemy Front is good game and deserve a rating like 7/10. Everyone knows Enemy Front is not perfect game. But for me this has the potential. I recommend this game if someone like WWII shooter game.

riverside6661661d ago

I played and I can confirm. everyone has seen how the game looks on the gameplay, and with that the budget for the game, came out pretty good. storyline draws! You can play and play! and this French campaign! the best in the game, though I admit that the topic of gas in the channels was also great pity that short, and such was not sabotage the magazine with gas composition ..

Joher1660d ago

I agree with you. This game looks exactly the same how they shows us on gameplay and trailers. Maybe this game is not perfect but I have a lot of fun playing on it. I finished campaign and start play on multiplayer.