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"Like many of the children of the 80s and 90s, I had a grandfather who fought in World War II. Like most veterans, he was incredibly proud of that fact, and like most children of the 90s, I grew up virtually fighting my grandfather’s war in games like Medal of Honor or Call of Duty."

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Aon3630d ago

I think a lot of people not agree with this rate. Honestly I play in this game on my PC and for me Enemy Front is worth 7/10. It is only my opinion and not everyone must agree with me. I have a lot of fun playing in this game and I will come back to it soon.


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Enemy Front Review — paulsemel

Thanks to awful controls, stupid enemies, and tons of glitches, Enemy Front is the worst WWII first-person shooter since 2005's Call Of Duty 2: Big Red One.

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Cex Review- Enemy Front

Sam Terry writes- Set in WWII, Enemy Front puts you in the role of Richard Hawkins, an anti-fascist war correspondent who finds himself caught up in the Resistance. Enemy Front is a visually beautiful game, and makes the most out of last gen technology. Unfortunately, a short campaign, poor voice acting, and a lack of online features let the game down.

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