Is DLC killing gamers trust

DLC is an everyday part of gaming, with season passes and character skins available for most titles and a plethora of missions, weapons and costumes along for the ride. Tickles asks if DLC really is a good thing?

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n4rc2589d ago

Dlc isn't really good or bad.. It just is

Some seem to think any dlc should or would have been in the game otherwise.. That just isn't the case..

Devs can make extra money by pumping out content.. Its much cheaper then trying to make another full game..

Don't buy it if you don't want it.. It really is as simple as that.. Pretend it doesn't exist so you don't feel cheated Lol

You need to view it as extra content rather then removed content.. If they couldn't sell it extra, they likely wouldn't have made it at all

porkChop2589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

The problem is that many companies do in fact take content out of the game and sell it as day 1 DLC. All finished content should be included on the disc come release day. Then once the game is out if the developer wants to start expanding the game with new content, fair enough, I definitely encourage that. DLC isn't all bad, but many of them are.

Edit: @Fireseed

"but DLC finished a week or so after release"

Day 1 DLC is finished before the game comes out and could be included on the disc. Same with pre-order DLC.

Fireseed2589d ago

The problem is people often THINK they know what was and wasnt done come day of release. On disc DLC is of course BS but DLC finished a week or so after release usually hasnt passed QA yet to be included in the game.

esemce2589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

Yes it's sad but true as people have proved that there is a market for DLC and it makes money so it's here to stay.

For me if I feel I'm being nickle and dimed so to speak then I wait for the complete edition which ruins all the excitement for a game.

Pure greed is everywhere in the corporate world all we can do is vote with our wallets.

n4rc2588d ago

Pork chop..

I get that and agree completely.. But we don't know what their plans for it are..

If dlc wasn't an option.. Would they have even made that content? That was my point.

We can only speculate that it was part of the core game plan.. The sole reason they created could be to sell as dlc.. I don't see how it makes much difference if they plan for it before release

Gamer6662589d ago

Gamers have gotten what we asked for...

Gamers buy games used where the publishers and developers don't get any profit.

So they have fought back by creating DLC and microtransactions.

I don't like DLC and microtransactions, but since gamers and Gamestop don't see any reason to give the publishers/developers any part of the used market, they are simply doing something that gets them the revenues they are losing out on.

Vitalogy2589d ago

DLC and microtransactions have nothing to do with used games market.

porkChop2589d ago

DLC has nothing to do with used games. DLC today is just smaller versions of what used to be called expansion packs.

Joe9132589d ago

I 100% agree I am not against used games but DLC was created so they can support the game to keep people from trading in and MT were created mostly for free to play games but when the above did not work they put them in paid games to so it is all a response from the used game market so gamers imo that buy mostly used games are to blame for all this crap I understand you want to save money but it affects the industry in a negative way

Yi-Long2589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

I don't buy used games. I also don;'t sell my games.

However, I refuse to buy a game full-price when it has DLC-milking. I usually either wait for a çomplete' edition top come out, at a lower price, or I just lose interest completely.

DLC has made me spend LESS on a game. Not more.

For example, there are sooo many game I would have happily bought for full price on day 1, where they would have gotten 50-60 bucks from me. Games like Arkham Origins, Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag, or Forza 4. However, because of all the DLC, I decided to wait for a 'GOTY' edition which has all the content. Or I just stopped caring completely, meaning they won't get any of my money. At all. Ever.

Gamer6662589d ago

I agree as well. I buy all my games. Over 2,000 since the release of X360/PS3/Wii... And 99% were bought new instead of used.

You have to understand that DLC and Microtransactions are not targeted at people like yourself. They are targeted to the larger majority of gamers that pirate or buy used.

Cliffy B. formerly of Epic/Gears of War said something like "I have seen the number of gamertags compared to sales, the numbers aren't good"...

That's the truth of the matter. MS and Sony have the data that proves that publishers/developers are missing out in probably about 75% of sales of their games. So they make DLC and microtransactions to ensure they get a take. Does it deter people like us from buying/buying day one. Yes... But do they make more money overall... Yes. This is really a bean counting exercise.

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xSHADOWx2589d ago

This has been an issue for a very long time.

It honestly depends upon how it's executed, on a case by case basis.

SpiralTear2589d ago

This. I've had some really good experiences with DLC (like the Point Lookout DLC for Fallout 3 and pretty much the entire Rock Band series), but nowadays, the idea is being misused as a way to squeeze money out of big release.

It depends on how it's executed, yes.

Goro2589d ago

Proper DLC like TLOU Left Behind & RDR Undead Nightmare are good but disc locked DLC and stupid stuff like costumes and camos that you would expect from EA or Activision are bad.

Fireseed2589d ago

Unless those costumes are the only form of revenue ala League of Legends and DOTA

welly3002589d ago

I agree dlc should be 6 months to a year after the so called full game. They release half a game upto £60 and month later are askin for more.

Goro2589d ago

or in Watch Dogs case, they're asking for more the same week.

Ofai2589d ago

I agree that dlc should be around 6 months after game launch but I also think that if a game has a season pass they should not be releasing extra content that is not included in that.

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