Outlast Dev On How They Managed To Bypass [email protected] Policy, Game Not Using Latest SDK Update

So how were they able to bring Outlast to Xbox One, given the game is already on the PlayStation 4 and wouldn't this be a violation of [email protected] policy?

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XiSasukeUchiha1576d ago

Cool, and this should be a sign that parity clause's destruction is beginning, and SDK update should be interesting!

christocolus1576d ago (Edited 1576d ago )

The title of the article is a bit misleading,it says nothing about how they managed to bypass the parity clause. The dev says they applied to the programme and got that it?was that how they managed?was expecting something alot more detailed. However,I must say, these devs did a great jon with that game.its already at 108op\60fps so I don't think there was any need for the new sdk imo.

My brother has been playing this and sixty second shooter. Both games are eally great but outlast is one of the scariest games i've seen in a while. Don't think I'm going to be playing it anytime soon. I remember giving up on fatal frame on xbox for the same reasons. Those games are intense.Lol.

Eonjay1576d ago

Kinda anticlimactic isn't it?

georgeenoob1576d ago

I just beat the game yesterday. It was very good. I'm not the type that gets scared at all, but damn, that game sure knows how to make you jump.

MasterCornholio1576d ago

I think its really that easy. If Microsoft sees a game that they want they will let it bypass the parity clause.

Same will happen to No Mans Sky especially with Phil hyped up about it.

ziggurcat1576d ago

@ georgeenoob:

I think that's the only thing I will ever agree with you on - that game had me white-knuckled almost the whole time, and I jumped at a couple of the startling moments.

AceBlazer131576d ago

@George to bad most of you guys ragged on it months before you even played it huh?

Prime1571575d ago

Georgenoob, be careful... you might burst into flames for playing an indie game.

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OrangePowerz1576d ago

Not sure if it is a sign of the parity clause getting removed. Outlast is a popular game so what could MS do? Say no and don't get the game. The clause will still apply to low profile devs and games.

Prime1571575d ago

Yeah, this article... blah. Worded the title like click bait.

mhunterjr1576d ago

No, the parity issue has been handled on a case by case basis, since the very beginning.

raymantalk11576d ago

was FREE on ps4 is it FREE on X1 ?

xX1NORM1Xx1576d ago

I don't know why u got disagrees the parity clause is stupid it's bad for all gamers imagine if the PC had a parity clause no mine craft on 360/ps3/vita/x1/ps4 the destruction of that stupid rule should be welcomed by gamers

jmac531575d ago

He got the disagrees because the MS sheep think it's a good thing because MS says so. They bleat about how Indies suck and then when they get one on their beloved platform it's the greatest thing.

Christopher1575d ago (Edited 1575d ago )

It was easy. They applied. Microsoft saw that they could take a console exclusive away from Sony. So, Microsoft said screw our own rules, let's approve them!

MS, putting gamers first... by forcing devs into ridiculous parity agreements and ignoring them when it benefits them.

Now, good luck to the devs in the future since now they will have to publish first on XBO.

jmac531575d ago

Well I can see some developers not even wanting to bother with this "playing favorites" that MS is doing and just putting their game on PC and PS4.

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gamer11381576d ago

Interesting...last step for MS is the parity clause. It made sense when you were the platform leader but not now. You need all the games you can get.

elgrantroll1576d ago Show
nicksetzer11576d ago (Edited 1576d ago )

So, to bypass it, they did nothing more than apply. Sounds pretty easy to me.

MasterCornholio1576d ago

Not exactly that. If Microsoft wants the game bad enough they won't apply the parity clause.

It really is that simple.

Honestly if anyone can bypass by just applying to the program why even have a parity clause in the first place?

BillmadeAGate1576d ago (Edited 1576d ago )

I love XBOX.. but man were are the Games!!! I mean Sunset Overdrive looks amazing but what else is there to look forward too ?

ghostface91576d ago

d4 project spark forza horizon 2 halo master chief collection and I can go on and on but wont waste my time

BillmadeAGate1576d ago (Edited 1576d ago )

All those games sound terrible... guess ill cross my fingers an hope quantum break comes out next year..

D3ATH_DRIV3R_7771576d ago

You wasted your time replying to his comment, just look at the reply he gave you. How can those games you named sounds terrible? sounds like goodness to me, but that's his opinion.

memots1576d ago

Dude there is tons of games coming out on Xbo as well as ps4 and pc, you need to stop looking at exclusive only as if they were the only game that matters,

In the case of the Xbo the master chief collection alone is gaming heaven and lots of hours to sink in there.

BillmadeAGate1576d ago

Ik but I have a ps4, wii u, xbox1,an pc so I tend to look at exclusives more.. if its multiplatform odds are I get it for PC or PS4 if its only on consoles..

FITgamer1576d ago

Reality is parity clause or not, if Microsoft see an indie title does well on their competitor's platform, they're gonna try to get on the Xbox One.

Minato-Namikaze1576d ago

There is no parity clause on playstation.

MeliMel1576d ago


My reply had nothing to do with parity clause. I could care less bout that tbh.

But with MS wanting a game that does well on another platform.

You must have felt real good typing that

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