Why hoping Destiny will fail is idiotic

Recently an article got a lot of hate for stating it hopes that Destiny fails for the good of the gamers. This ridiculous notion is dissected by

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moonstormer2592d ago

I'm still not sure about Destiny. I don't like the idea of any game failing, but it sure seems like a ton of money to invest in new IP.

OrangePowerz2592d ago (Edited 2592d ago )

Given it's for the full IP it's not that bad. The game was for a long time in development, plus marketing and they will need a lot of servers.

GamerXD2592d ago

I have faith in Bungie, I know it'll be good as long as Activision won't screw it up.

On topic: No need to explain "why hoping destiny will fail is idiotic". It's just plain wrong to hope for a game to fail, why hate? It won't benefit you.

theDivision2592d ago

Agreed. I mean there are plenty of games with 50 million dollar budgets so 500 over ten years really isn't a huge amount imo. I also agree with the success of this being able to alleviate pressure

snookiegamer2592d ago (Edited 2592d ago )


So it bothers you that they spent a ton of their own money on a new IP??? LMAO

The Alpha was amazing, enjoyed every minute of it. People wanting it to fail is largely political. Think PS4, rather than it having anything to do with Bungie/Activision.

If Destiny was Xbox One exclusive, they would scream it's the best thing ever!! ...Destiny makes Halo irrelevant. Thank you Bungie!!!

die_fiend2592d ago

Destiny makes Halo irrelevant despite being on both consoles.

How can Halo compete with the people who created it and half a billion dollars?

ElleGee2592d ago

I think it's important that Activision has another pillar on which to lean, as Call of Duty's prominence will surely falter. Activision can't keep relying on COD and Blizzard.

KingKelloggTheWH2592d ago

I want Destiny to succeed, it looks amazing. I mean just look at these day and night cycles!

THEY are amazing!!.....I sorta have a thing for skys in games, and these are some of the best by far.

Beyond that Bungie is putting so much love into this game, how could you want it to fail? Cause some DLC?Pleassee. It's just some mediocre guns, who cares.

Darranged2592d ago

$500 million investment over ten years? With that kind of cash, Destiny needs to succeed, and I so want it to. The Alpha was amazing!

iDadio2592d ago

The Alpha indeed was pretty good, loved it.

JBSleek2592d ago

That moment when people write articles to rebut another article.

I agree with the premise but still.

GavinMannion2592d ago

I have to agree, normally I'd ignore it entirely but it got a lot of traction here and then hours later no one seemed to have voiced the other side...

Call it my civic duty ;)

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The story is too old to be commented.