The Capcom E3 2014 Round-up

GamingLives takes a look at Capcom's E3 2014 lineup:

"For anyone whose memories of the original trilogy are a bit foggy, or for those who’ve never been acquainted with Mr Wright and his flukey court adventures, there’s the upcoming Ace Attorney Trilogy, which will bring the original Ace Attorney, Justice For All, and Trials and Tribulations to your 3DS in one neat and tidy package. Rather than just copy and paste each game into one final downloadable product, however, Capcom have brought some upgrades to the fray. For one, every instalment in the trilogy not only comes with the full English translation, but the full, original Japanese script is available for players to choose from as well. At the very least, you could use it to learn enough of the language to justify porting Ace Attorney Investigations 2, since it’s still (at this time) without a Western release."

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