Global Hardware and Software weekly ending June 14th

3ds takes top spot while PS4 and WiiU tops Xboxone on global sales and Mariocart 8 keeps tops spot.

3DS 103,121
PS4 99,162
WiiU 68,499
XOne 64,525
PS3 50,100
X360 36,480
PSV 31,257
PSP 12,084
Wii 5,751

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aceitman2586d ago

so X1 only sold 30,000 more from the week before with a cheaper model and I take it there the ones that wanted the kinectless x1.

NextLevel2586d ago

It took removing Kinect to compete and still lose to the Wii U worldwide, nevermind the PS4.

randomass1712586d ago (Edited 2586d ago )

The unit difference between Wii U and XB1 is about 4000. Not a huge number if you ask me. Isn't removing the Kinect exactly what people wanted though? I thought the Kinect, which we all know made the price higher, was a negative for the Xbox One. Of course it was going to sell more when they separated the two. Personally I'm just glad to see Wii U and XB1 making better numbers now, regardless of whether or not it's on par with PS4/3DS numbers.

Concertoine2586d ago (Edited 2586d ago )

God man, nothing gets you giddier than some of that Xbox One doom huh? That's literally almost all you've talked about since you joined. You'll even go off topic to spout some doom sometimes.

Of course one could say that while the post-kinect drop sales are disappointing, its a refreshing thing to see all 3 consoles selling well after so much time with just PS4 selling well. But no, let's point out comparatively bad Xbone sales over anything else, point out that its selling a meager amount less than the Wii U which recently got its biggest exclusive until Smash Bros.

NextLevel2586d ago (Edited 2586d ago )

I'm here to talk about games and the industry in general, not what I feel about people who post here.

"It took removing Kinect to compete and still lose to the Wii U worldwide, nevermind the PS4."

How is that trashing the Xbox? I'm repeating the data. Didn't realise that was so wrong.

randomass1712586d ago

^Even if it means trashing on Xbox One when the numbers it's apparently making aren't even that terrible? I'm not planning to get an Xbox One soon either but I'm not just going to sit here and pretend like these numbers are horrible doom numbers. Both Xbox One and Wii U sold in one week more than Wii U in its entire first January. That to me is excellent news for both.

Concertoine2586d ago (Edited 2586d ago )

Im looking at your comment history, all you do is troll xbox articles and then, of all the positive things you could point out on this, you choose to spin good Xbone numbers as negative just because they didnt outsell PS4 and then try and defend yourself with circumstantial evidence (bringing up sales numbers from a month which had a price cut announcement for its majority). You're focusing on the negligible difference between it and a console that recently got its killer app, just because the latter has a reputation for bad sales. I'm not even a big Xbox person, and just my occasional casual stroll to the Xbone articles in the past few days almost always has you spewing some hate.

To be honest, its hard to tell how Xbox One will sell in June since it only just resurfaced from a logically sales-crippling price cut announcement. I can guarrantee two things: A. It won't outsell PS4 and B. That's okay because it doesn't need to to be successful.

Cupid_Viper_32586d ago

Guys, let's stay on topic here shall we? First off we all that these numbers are made up (fake). But we also know that these (fake)numbers normally favors the XBox One, based on VGC's track record.

Now if what we're seeing is the "supposed" spike/boost from a cheaper XBox One sku, then there is only one thing going on at Microsoft's XBox Division right now..... this>>>

SilentNegotiator2586d ago

You can't say negative facts about the Xbox One; that's racist.

QuickdrawMcgraw2586d ago

The Xbox1 has become a North American niche product...Not that there is anything wrong with that...

bouzebbal2586d ago

wait until xbox one comes out in Japan..

morganfell2586d ago

Well randommass I am not going to sit here and pretend these numbers are even close to accurate. All you need do is look at the online sales being reported by companies and you will see things either unchanged or even worse for MS. But hewre is the littel Redmond marching boy that has been banned from every reputable gaming site on the internet for making up numbers and N4G turns a blind eue, holds out their hand and takes money from VGchartz, and they let him keep publishing these ridiculous stories here.

It really says something when you have never ever been right about sales.

kickerz2586d ago

Xbox hasn't been realeased everywhere yet, so let's not all get our knickers in a knot.

darthv722586d ago

Its good to see the wii-u getting some attention thanks to MK8. i mean it gets pretty tedious seeing the MS vs. Sony campaign signs all the time.

MK8 shows that people need to put down those signs and pick up a controller for some kart racing fun.

lowkey100112586d ago

And how many countries is the xbox one in? Enough said just think if the xbox one was in the same amount of countries as the ps4 that 4000 lead the ps4 has would be in xbox favor.

mikeslemonade2586d ago (Edited 2586d ago )

WiiU and X1 are selling poorly still when you consider the only major release was Watch Dogs for PS4.

The less countries argument is weak. It won't make that much of a difference. PS4 will sell more alone in the country china to make up for that anyway.

And the X1 camp excuses are as lame as the WiiU camp. First the X1 was suppose to win the US alone, then it was suppose to be Titanfall, then the Titanfall bundle, then X1 was suppose to sell as much as the PS4 with the same price. This is a one console race this generation. Give it up already.

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Magicite2586d ago

These numbers are for reference only, but this trend might continue for a while.

Anon19742586d ago (Edited 2586d ago )

Why would you reference made up figures?

I have no doubt that the PS4 is still far in the lead when it comes to home consoles, we see evidence of that all the time, but given VGChartz spotty (and that's putting it mildly) history, when would you ever reference them outside of "Here's an example of a site fabricating stats that's often used by people who don't know any better"?

CervantesPR2586d ago


lilbroRx2586d ago

Ummm, wasn't it just overtaken by the 3DS again?

weekev152586d ago

Remains to be seen if MS can continue to sell as many as this but if an extra 30k becomes the baseline thats an extra 1.5 mil a year which is good news for xbox. Sure they are still behind ps4 but selling an extra 1.5mil a year cant really be classed as bad news.

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randomass1712586d ago (Edited 2586d ago )

Waaay back when Wii U was new, I remember how big it was that only sold 55k units or something small like that in all of its first January. Looks like Wii U is making healthier numbers this month. Good for Nintendo! In fact, good for everyone! It's great to see 3DS, PS4, Wii U and even Xbox One all now competing with each other and outselling their previous generation counterparts.

NextLevel2586d ago (Edited 2586d ago )

The Xbox One sold less last month than the Xbox 360 ever did in it's first year according to NDP data, at 77,000 units sold.

You can stop pretending its doing so well, it's not, it got outsold by the Wii U. Which everyone when it's comes to units sold, would consider it a failure, probably even Nintendo themselves.

The Xbox barely outsold the Wii U in North America last month.

PS4 (197,000)
3DS (97,000)
Xbox One (77,000)
Wii U (61,000)
Xbox 360 (57,000)
PlayStation Vita (56,000)
PS3 (36,000)
Wii (11,000)

Concertoine2586d ago (Edited 2586d ago )

You realize MS announced a 100 dollar price cut with the new SKU a little over a week into May? I doubt it would've made a PS4-beating difference or even close to one, but something tells me that had a factor in sales for the majority of May.

And you speak as if because the Wii U is an overrall failure in hardware sales, that no matter what number it makes its still selling bad. The past few weeks its been selling pretty good, hell one week it almost outsold PS4. The Xbox One loses a few weeks after juggernaut MK8 releases and you automatically act like this is routine. 60k+ is great for both systems.

randomass1712586d ago

It got outsold by Wii U by a meager 4k units. These sales are in one week, right? I never expected Xbox One to start selling more than PS4, but this is not what I would have to consider terrible for a single week. A single month, maybe, but this is good for a single week all around. I don't see what reason there is to be so cynical when it looks like all the current generation systems save for Vita seem to stand to sell at least decently this month.

AceBlazer132586d ago (Edited 2586d ago )

Wow that Kinectless SKU is just stomping the PS4, Sony must be quaking right about now /s

Off Topic: Anyone else getting emails from IGN that are heavily advertising the XB1? Geez the XB1 is a miracle to still he losing with all the retailers and sited pushing the system this much, it's a good thing gamers don't lap up everything.....most of us at least.

thehobbyist2586d ago

Maybe if M$ put that billion into making Xbone have better hardware for cheap and not a marketing campaign it wouldn't be in this situation of having tons of ads that don't result in sales.

lilbroRx2586d ago

How do you dominate in second place?

MasterCornholio2586d ago (Edited 2586d ago )

What? The PS4 sold over 8 million units. Its ahead of both the Xbox One and the Wii U.

Don't tell me your so hurt by the Wii Us sales that your comparing the PS4 to a handheld?

Seriously your comparing the 3DS to the PS4 right?

A handheld to a console?

Do you have any idea what your doing?

Your saying that handhelds = consoles.

It isn't true since they appeal to two different markets.

Next time compare the PS4 to other consoles like the Xbox One and the Wii U.

Spotie2586d ago

Don't be so desperate. There's a competition between handhelds, and one among home consoles. You don't get to mix the two whenever you feel like it.

Axios22586d ago

So X1 has 65% of PS4 sales even though the X1 is in less than 20% of PS4's Countries, well done

MysticStrummer2586d ago

Note to MS : Please release XB1 in every country where PS4 is available. I beg you.

Bathyj2586d ago (Edited 2586d ago )

So you gripe about 20% less countries even though 75% of all Xbone sales come from only 2 countries anyway?

Statistics are fun.

Besides, whose fault is that? You act like its anyones but Microsofts. Get your manufacturing together MS. Your fanboys seem to think it matters.

Eonjay2586d ago (Edited 2586d ago )

I love calculators. France, Germany and the UK represent 67% of PS4's European total this week. Leaving only 33% for other countries. So 25k is 67% of 37k.

The Xbox one is also selling in those countries. So lets theoretical say that those were the only countries released in Europe and therefore was missing 33% of potential sales in those other countries.

Well then the math is easy. (potential sales)×.67=13k or 13k/.67= potential sales.

So if the distribution of demand is similar to PS4 you are looking at 19k/week for all of Europe. Of course the Xbox One is in more European countries than those 3 so just shave some off this number.

The calculation you did doesnt take into account the fact that demand for consoles differs by country. You are just setting yourself up for disappointment. Expect to see a boost but if you want to do a meaningful calculation...

SmielmaN2586d ago

This comment was awesome lol. Ppl don't think about math because numbers don't lie. Like sales numbers, fps numbers, resolution numbers.... Etc. lol

On topic: let's all take remember that vgsharts is guesstimating for entertainment purposes. I honestly thought they would track xbone about 20k over PS4 due to price cut.

I personally don't know anyone who was waiting to get a $400 xbone, but I know a couple guys who were very pissed they bought their xbones at $500 when they didn't want kinect at all.

Toxic-zombie2586d ago

The Ps4 is outselling the Xbone in very country they are both sold in. Even in the xbone strongholds of the USA and UK. If this keeps up the xbone will sell half of what the Ps4 does at the end of this generation.

Bathyj2586d ago

Good point. Why would Xbox fanboys want it to lose in 30 countries when they can just be satisfied its only losing in 13?

vivid832586d ago

that's microsofts choice to not release in those countries so yeah just stop

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