PDP PlayStation Vita Slim Trigger Grip Review - Comfortability Meets Affordability | Short Pause

Our review of the PDP PlayStation Vita Slim Trigger Grip. Comfort meets affordability. If you own a PlayStation Vita, you need this grip!

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XiSasukeUchiha2593d ago

Thank you:0 buying this now(Rushs to the store).

Haki11122593d ago

might actually pick one of these up

WalterWJR2593d ago

I imported this but sadly found it uncomfortable for my hands. I have PDP grip for 3ds which is good for me though.

porkChop2593d ago (Edited 2593d ago )

Don't buy this. It's very uncomfortable. Not much better than a stock Vita. Do yourself a favor and buy the Biogenik Trigger Grip. VERY comfortable and cheaper than the PDP grip. I don't know if they have a version for the Slim Vita yet but if they don't then just wait. The PDP was a big waste of money.

AllAboutGaming2593d ago

I love my trigger grip on my original Vita. It makes the system much more comfortable in my big hands.

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