Is Sid Meier Giving Up on Consoles?

This opinion piece at Grab It dissects the recent announcement by Sid Meier's Firaxis that Civilization Revolution 2 will be a mobile exclusive, suggesting it is the end for the series on consoles.

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SlappingOysters1579d ago

I suspect the answer is yes. I swear after the release of the first one I remember Firaxis saying that the series didn't work on console. Personally, I thought Civ Rev was great on my Xbox.

MRMagoo1231579d ago

I have been playing civ games since the first but the civ rev game was stupidly dumbed down and wasnt even close to what the game is meant to be, it was like what happened to the sims when it hit consoles.

cyclindk1579d ago

It would be so easy to make a civ game for for consoles , they seriously just dont have anybody with half a brain working for them who knows how to cleverly adapt the game to the controls and vice versa

MysticStrummer1579d ago

@cyclindk - Yup, I think it's mainly a UI problem but that's a weak excuse in my book. It was their choice to dumb down Civ:Rev, after all.

camel_toad1579d ago

Civ rev was actually my first introduction to the civ games. I liked it but later tried civ v on pc and fell hard for her. Civ rev was apparently just an appetizer for me.

I think civ could be done right on consoles with enough effort but I don't think they want to spend enough resources to find out.

MysticStrummer1579d ago

I won't buy Civ for my phone. I would buy another for my console in a heartbeat, though I'd rather it was more like "real" Civilization.

CoyoteHunter1579d ago

I have to be honest - it makes sense if this was the case. And, it actually wouldn't bother me. It'd be awesome to have a game and dev of this calibre on iOS exclusively.

Summons751579d ago

To what make a crappy game that Sorry cell phones will never replace real gaming consoles.

CoyoteHunter1579d ago

Fair call, and I wouldn't expect them to. I guess I'm more referring to the iPad rather than iPhone though. I think the calibre of games already on iOS show that it is a completely legitimate and worthy platform to develop for. Why not a guy like Meier throwing his support behind it in such a big way?

Cookiebex1579d ago

I think these types of games are great on PC and they are a match made in heaven for mobile devices too. Console, maybe not the best platform for it

rayzorn1579d ago

i thought civ rev was pretty good on ps3 i would buy another one.

i play civ on pc also. i actually prefer the pc ones but the console one was decent more relaxing.

ceballos77mx1579d ago

I agree with you, after upgrading to a ps4 I got rid of all but my favorite ps3 games, and Civ:rev is one of them its proudly sitting next to the last of us, xcom:enemy within, and the me trilogy.

Loved this game and I would think the touch pad on the Dualshock 4 would make this a no brainer to port to the ps4

mysteryraz111579d ago

strategy games are boring dont really care if they are on consoles are not

LAWSON721579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

Civ V is far from boring. Time will literally fly by around you when playing it and the coop/vs is so damn fun. This is coming from someone who does not enjoy the strategy genre

mysteryraz111578d ago

strategy games havent been good since age of empires, mmos are fun but nah rts games bore the hell outta me

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The story is too old to be commented.