PS4 Firmware 1.72 Released, "Improves Stability and Incorporates Minor Bug Fixes", No Changelog Yet

Sony has just released a brand new firmware for Playstation 4. Firmware 1.72 is now available for download for all PS4 owners across the globe. As per the details revealed, its a minor update and improves system software stability and incorportes minor bug fixes.

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colonel1791631d ago

Yei! another stability update with no new or returning features! Exactly what everyone was asking for!


xYLeinen1631d ago

Yea because we don't want stability updates!

Raccoon1631d ago

No we don't! we want our ps4's to glitch and freeze until it self destructs. idealy

WitWolfy1631d ago

Meh... Sony sure is taking their sweet time..

mikeslemonade1631d ago

Prior to this update does anyone have the problem where the USB ports don't work. My controller can't charge from either of the ports. I'm having to use an iPhone charger to charge the controller instead.

morganfell1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

Thge firmware isn't actually out yet. Gamepur jumped the gun. They also referenced the PlayStation Twitter account and it doesn't say it is out, it says it is coming.

SniperControl1631d ago


You have already probably done this, but iam pretty sure there is an option with-in the PS4's menus to turn on USB charging.

If it is on, have you tried charging with a different cable plugged into the PS4.

If yes to the above, i suggest you contact Sony for a replacement ASAP, it is still under warranty.

RosweeSon1631d ago

Yeah who wants a secure and stable console? Haha, muppets sure it could have been a better update granted, at least it's keeping the console ticking along smooth and not just patching things in that should have been day one a la xbox, how much space is on my hard drive... Wait until an update, how about how much charge on my controllers, that'll be another update, sure the ps4 updates haven't been great but they'll get much, much better and it won't be patching in things that an xbox 360 or ps3 can already do, sure a couple of little things here and there, mp3 playback cough cough but generally it's gonna be major updates not just things we should have had ages ago.either way come Christmas ps4 will be the console to own and if not well I've got my wii u as back up amongst others ;)

marlinfan101631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )


why even bring xbox into the conversation?

"not just patching things in that should have been day one a la xbox"

theres plenty of things that are missing from ps4 that should've been on there day one. are you gonna say the same thing if they ever add external support? or DLNA support? or mp3 support? maybe the the most basic things like name changes? home screen customization? a way to organize your stuff? theres still tons of things that ps4 should've had day one that still aren't there so don't make it seem like xbox is the only one that needs catching up

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Mr_cheese1631d ago

Stability updates are always welcome but I understand your frustration. Given time, the system will begin to change the way the ps3 did.

ramiuk11631d ago

while i agree and i love my ps4 so much .
Sony have to be careful because although the system is more powerful consumers will be fed up of asking and if you look at MS,each update is good and brings at least 1 decent feature.

Lack of features being added makes sony look like they not pushing the pedal and slacking imo.

for some it might make them change camps or new buyers to just go to MS anyway.

Both consoels shipped with next to nothing on them,yet half a year from release and they havent done much.

a video editor on ps4 and a couple of apps.
People say ps3 and 360 didnt ship with much and there right ,but they shipped with more than xbox and ps2 had at life finish.

ps4 and xbone should of shipped with at least the basics of 3D bluray,HD support and Media support imo.

they need to give people the reason the pass there ps3,360's on and join the new generation and without those key features this gen wont fully kick off imo

RankFTW1631d ago

I wish Sony would stop making the PS4 more reliable and stable!


Knushwood Butt1631d ago

Well, actually, I'm asking for it if it fixes the weird thing where my PS4 turned itself on, spat out my Ground Zeroes disc, and continued to try and eject a non-existant disc like someone with stomach flu just bringing up nothing...

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NotoriousJae1631d ago

Sony updates are ass! Only ass pirates are gonna damage control this :D let the disagrees flood in!

ramiuk11631d ago

i love my ps4 a comment above says but im honest and Sony needs to up there game imo,same with MS and without the key features that last gen had the new gen consoels wont fully kick off.

3D bluray
DLNA,USB,MKV,MP3 support
FOLDER SUPPORT FOR DASH(mines really cluttered now)
MASTER CHAT VOLUME WHEN NOT USING HEADSET(currently u have to create a party chat to always block others as ingame it takes too long imo,fed up of joing a game and some folks swearing constantly)

wicked1631d ago

I take it that list is for PS4, I know the xbox one has DLNA & pause download options. Not sure about the others

NotoriousJae1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )


Teddy-Duchamp1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

Fkn idiot!

And that all I have to say about that.

Edit. I wasn't referring to you ramiuk.

Teddy-Duchamp1631d ago

@ notoriousjae.

Pc has everything you need eh.

When is uncharted 4, the order, drive club, tlou and many more exclusives coming out for the pc then fella?

PCs good for e-mail, facebook, twitter, downloads, web browsing, ect, ect..........but so is my smart phone!

Your a idiot, not because your pc fan.
But because your a troll regarding your opinions.

SoulSercher6201631d ago

Lol another idiot who probably doesn't even own a PS4. Nothing to see here.

LANCISTIG1631d ago

in Italy still has not come out.... xD

LonDonE1631d ago

yep am in uk and it still aint released here yet

ITPython1631d ago

Like multiplat games having a lower resolution on the XB1, the content of this update is no surprise.

No worries though, not every update has to be something massive. Good things come to those who wait, and that is coming from somebody who played a PS3 pretty much exclusively since early 2007.

There is a big difference in seeing what is right in front of you, vs seeing what is ahead and beyond. Think of these little updates as laying the foundation for something grand.

MasterCornholio1631d ago

As long as they dont mess up the updates I'm ok with them.

However the last one ticked me off a little because it messed up my cloud saves. They fixed it though. Theres always a risk when you download any update.

snookiegamer1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )



People need to understand they purchased an evolving product in PS4, and SONY will update as and when they feel it necessary.

Users cry for updates, and when they get them they complain. I would hate to be a software engineer in these times. Some people be acting too over privileged.

DaPrintz1631d ago

Not to mention that the people that reeaaalllyy care about the missing features right now are us. Many are satisfied with playing games, a bluray player, and Netflix.

snookiegamer1630d ago

For all the impatients complaining...they'll still have to wait.

Utterly pointless.

It'll come quicker if some get on with life, instead of commenting about something they can't have yet.

colonel1791631d ago

One thing is an evolving console, the other entirely is to remove features that have been since last generation, some even from PSP and PS2!!

The PS4 was launched INCOMPLETE! There is NO reason whatsoever that all the MISSING features couldn't have been then since day one. It's not like backwards compatibility that depends on hardware, design and costs.

What bothers people the most though, it's not that the PS4 is missing all these features that the PS3 already had, but that Sony is not even addressing them and addressing them quickly! It's not like there is not demand for them!

Microsoft is doing monthly updates because they know and ACCEPTED that the Xbox One launched incomplete too, but they have been doing something about it and being transparent about the issue with costumers. Sony on the other hand, does nothing! Yoshida acknowledge everything, but nobody is doing anything!

Even Nintendo addressed the issues with Wii U much faster than Sony. They updated the software to boot faster, and have done much more to make the Wii U a better experience and doing what people is demanding for! (regarding the OS)

I don't know why Sony and Apple think that removing features is a good thing. Apple is worst though, because when they reintroduce missing features, they do it as if they were the most innovative and groundbreaking thing in existence.

dantesparda1631d ago

No, users cry when they do these stability only updates. Everyone loves when they have new features. Especially when a lot of people have been asking for all the missing features from the PS3. Sony needs to hurry it up.

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