Direct X 11 GPUs Hierarchy

Direct X 11 not a new name now a days. Almost all games now a days are biased on Direct X 11 GPUs. Nvidia 400 Series and AMD/ATI HD 5000 series the very first of Direct X 11 GPUs. Here take a look to a look to tables below for more details.

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XiSasukeUchiha2592d ago

Ok, then sir(casually walks away).

Magicite2591d ago (Edited 2591d ago )

7970ghz isn't equal to gtx680. It has 50mhz more clock than r9 280x and can outperform it, putting gtx680 a level below.

Th3o2591d ago (Edited 2591d ago )

Actually not completely True.

It can be outperformed by the 280x a lot and vice versa

In terms of the 680 it actually exchanges blows with it. Sometimes it can be as high as a 5 fps lead for the 7970 ghz but a lot of the times they exchange blows.

You also need to understand that it also depends on resolution

I've visited Techpowerup and guru3D and notice the cards within 1-3% of each other in general.

+ or -

I mean it just depends on the system. It does seem to be

The trend is 280x ~ 7970 ghz >~ 680 Over all.

Again this can be almost nil ....We're talking about 1-3% difference. So for that difference I would say they are in the same category.

If they were too accurate u'd see a giant table with way more just wouldn't make sense.

It's not like its a 780 or a 780 ti power...or a titan.. So really the power is nil. Most of the time you will get the same experience across all 3 cards.

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OMGitzThatGuy2591d ago

I have a AMD 7950 and a GTX 460 768mb for Physx and i get 60fps (Higher in most cases but monitor is 60hz) with Physx and Max settings in Metro Last Light.

Next will get another 7950 and that should last me a while.

kevnb2591d ago

I have the hardware for this, is it hard to get it working?

OMGitzThatGuy2591d ago

Not hard at all Youtube has tons of Quick tutorials and just google Hybrid physx, it is easy to set up

MegaMohsi2591d ago

Have a 660 3gb that gives me high-ultra settings in almost every game, really happy with it.

GTXZME2591d ago

GTX 660 is really a good card and 3GB will help you textures Ultra like in Watch Dogs.

bumnut2591d ago

780 TI has no AMD equivalent? I thought that was the 290X

Th3o2591d ago

290X usually competes with the Titan or the 780, it can definately even beat the 780 ti in some games, but that's a low margin and not an average amoutn of games.

It sometimes even fall short of the 770.

It really depends on the game.