Xbox head on stand-alone Kinect: They'll buy it

Phil Spencer says "consumers love the device," believes developers will continue supporting it

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ArchangelMike1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

I really don't think so Phil. I don't believe you really think so either, if you did, you wouldn't have unbundled kinect, now would you?!?

Oh and by the way, don't bank on developers putting time and resources into kinect now that fewer people are going to have it!

"..we've had over a billion voice commands used so far..."

Yeah, but that didn't stop you from ditching kinect did it Phil? smh

Concertoine1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

I think it'll sell modestly. Didn't the PS camera sell well with the PS4? And the kinect is a lot more recognized product with more support (at this point, anyway).

I honestly don't care either way though, i have no interest in showing myself in twitch streams or doing voice commands, etc. and i've yet to see a compelling use of kinect.

randomass1711631d ago

I actually agree with you there. The original Kinect sold a lot, so the separated Kinect will probably sell a modest amount, particularly to any families that like Dance Central and that upcoming Fantasia game.

Eonjay1631d ago

Um, and I keep saying this but how is anyone going buy it if its not for sale? Does anyone know when if will become available for purchase? And for how much?

I can't really say either way without at the very least knowing how much it will cost.

Ballsack1631d ago

Frigging hell

Sometimes you just need ms to shut up.. If people love the device you wouldn't have unbundled kinect..

Your making the right moves Phil in trying to get consumers on board but then you suffer from foot in mouth syndrome at times

MasterCornholio1631d ago


Price will determine if it sells or not. The PS4 camera costs 60$ while the new Kinect is rumored to cost 150$. If it costs 150$ I doubt that it will sell that well if its priced similarly to the playstation eye did it will do well.

rdgneoz31631d ago

"I think it'll sell modestly. Didn't the PS camera sell well with the PS4? And the kinect is a lot more recognized product with more support (at this point, anyway)."

The PS Camera has sold pretty well, better than they expected. Only problem is that the PS camera is $60. Kinect will cost $150 to $200... The 360 kinect is about $100 atm (and it's suppose to be an upgrade over that) and the "Kinect for Windows sensor v2" is up for preorder at $200. So you'll end up spending $50 to $100 more than what you would for the bundle...

Also, you don't need the PS camera for voice commands...

Chevalier1631d ago

If the price is $100+ then no they won't sell well. If people saw value in it like Phil suggested they would have no need to unbundle it. Until pricing is nailed down I am going to reserve judgement. If it is anywhere near $100 it will fail miserably.

Concertoine1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )


They'd be stupid to not have it on shelves by the holidays.


Fair point but the original Kinect cost that (150) when it came out too. I just think the whole twitch thing gives more incentive for core gamers to own one on top of casuals. I just don't think it'll flop, is what im saying. I think having two separate SKU's is the best move they can make.

SilentNegotiator1630d ago

Kinect 2 doesn't have the hype of being a cool brand new device or half a billion dollars in ad revenue to do as well separate as Kinect 1 did, at least in the same space of time. Of course, it will be tough to compare with the first 4.5m or so Kinect 2's not being a choice (no one that wanted to play Dead Rising 2 was forced to buy Kinect, unlike with Dead Rising 3 originally).

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JBSleek1631d ago

They unbundled the Kinect really because of the price difference. People who have an Xbox One really enjoy it.

But when your competitor is 20% cheaper than you you have to lower the cost and it wouldn't be wise to eat the cost and just lower the price to $400.

Kinect was and I think still is the fastest selling consumer device.

HugoDrax1630d ago

I enjoy Kinect 2.0. Literally, I'm at home watching the Chile vs Nehterlands match, and this is what I said using the voice commands....

1. "XBOX Watch ESPNHD"
2. "XBOX Snap Brazil Now"

Done! enjoying the world cup for the day while I work on projects.

GuruMeditation1631d ago

About 50% of those billion voice commands were probably me accidentally starting Skype, when I CLEARLY said 'xbox turn off' oh, the frustration.

MysticStrummer1630d ago

Don't forget the recent story about a commercial causing Kinect to turn the XB1 on…

mhunterjr1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

It probably will sell, eventually.... The success of the kinect 1 stems from the fact that the 360 was relatively inexpensive whenkinect launched. It was a device aimed at casual audiences at a casual price...

The problem with the xbox 1 roll out is that it was so expensive that only hardcore xbox fans were going to rush to get it. Not only was it priced too high for casual adoption, but there was an overall lack of support for the device...

For the stand alone kinect to be successful, the cost of admission can't be a barrier, and the kinect software needs to be more compelling.

As far as developer support is concerned, there are at least 5million kinect 2's in homes right now. Games like FRU, D4, Project Spark, Fantasia, and the beloved Dance Central all show a ton of promise. and personally, I can't get enough of xbox fitness... There IS a market here for developers to crack.

NextLevel1631d ago

My favorite part.

"When asked why Xbox One fell behind in the first place, Spencer only stressed how important it was that Microsoft recently rolled out a version of the hardware without Kinect for $399, the same price as a PS4."

Yes that's why you still lost NDP and worldwide while giving away their "Most anticipated title in years" and Forza 5 with retailers creating their own deals aswell for the console.

The last 2 month you barely cracked 100,000 sales and didn't crack 100,000 sales for the other month.

The reality, the Xbox One is has no right to be anywhere around the price of the PS4 pushing out titles in 792p with framerate problems. That and the unveiling was one of the worst in history. People just simply don't want it or Kinect in a mass amount. They want the Playstation. Phil Spencer, DX12, the cloud, dropping Kinect and overhyping Xbox One games won't change much, the public has seemingly made their choice.

rdgneoz31631d ago

Yep. While $399 is a good price, many do forget titanfall bundles for $450 with forza included ($170 savings. hell at $500 you were still saving $120) vs the competition at $399 for the system only.

kenshiro1001631d ago

Yep, pretty much.

What annoys me is that they should have never announced those DRM policies in the first place.

That screwed them up as well.

paleselan1631d ago

I love using my Kinect, but currently it's just being used for voice controls and doesn't justify an extra $100. Thank god I got my XOne for $100 off, so the Kinect was pretty much free.

ScareFactor1631d ago

He unbundled the kinect because it is a good business move, he might now have wanted to but it was a smart move to move consoles

imt5581630d ago (Edited 1630d ago )

Recommendation for future Xbone owners - BUY A TITANFALL XBONE KINECT BUNDLE! It's a better deal!

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NextLevel1631d ago

Yeah, cause that worked real well for the Xbox One.

Not to mention, pretty much all of the games are garbage. Which is slim pickings currently and with it being detached and the Xbox One selling next to nothing recently, I don't see that changing anytime soon.

randomass1711631d ago

He's coming off a little strong, but I guess that's his job at the end of the day. I don't think Kinect will sell a lot by any means, but I don't see it being a massive failure either.

Volkama1631d ago

I don't love it and I am a consumer, therefore no consumer loves it and Microsoft are idiots.

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