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As it was a multi E3 award winning game, Destiny is a major competitor to earn multiple Game of the Year titles. Destiny is the newest IP from Bungie, creator but no longer developer of the Halo series, and as such bears a great burden along with great promise. The equivalent of a Reese’s PB cup, Destiny feels like some RPG got in Halo.

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Kingthrash3601578d ago

2thoughts come to mind.

1. Not much competition this year for the city award.
2. A halo RPG sounds awesome! Why would a halo RPG be bad?

Imo it feels like a mix of halo/ boarderlands with a hint of mass effect...I like it.

Panthers1578d ago

Thats what I thought.

Halo RPG would be GOTY sooo yea. Either works for me.

mikeslemonade1578d ago

I think Destiny needs better graphics and they will seal the deal for GOTY this year. Because right now the graphics are below the standard of an average current gen game.

shallowpoint1578d ago

After the alpha ended all I can think about is Destiny. I can not wait for the beta then the full release! Most fun I have had in quite some time.

Mr_cheese1578d ago

The alpha left me in two minds, it showed that there was a lot of potential but some of the things I found slightly repetitive such as the whole we need x amount of this, kill x amount of this to retrieve it. There seemed to be a lot of that, which is fine, but I personally felt that it needed a bit more of a variety for the smaller side missions.

The bigger missions with the multiplayer battles are great though.

Chuk51578d ago

Halo RPG=Bad?
In what world is that true?

system221578d ago

im pretty confident it will at the very least do well. i'm not sure it would have enough mass appeal across multiple genres to be "game of the year"... but then again... game of the year for who? different publications, properties or individuals all have different priorities for what earns a game that title.

i don't think halo as an rpg is a bad thing if you are into rpg's.

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