Square Enix Games Help Spark Handheld Console Sales

Square Enix continues to impact handheld console sales, during its release in 2011 PS Vita has been deemed as a huge disappointment to many gamers and executives across top gaming industries. Lately however, PS Vita sales have been jumping and so have purchases of vita games across retail stores. One helping hand is Square Enix which released Final Fantasy X-X2 for the PS3 and the PS Vita. Nintendo 3DS also has been solid with Bravely Default continuing to top sales charts. Let’s take a closer look how Square Enix has impacted the handheld world.

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NukaCola2589d ago

Square's selfish and greedy desire for iOS has done nothing but hurt the handheld and console market by denying them their games.

randomass1712589d ago

To be fair, would you want some of the games they have put out? Their only classic FF style game forces you to pay real money to use characters that have fallen and even some moves. Pay to wait games suck.

NukaCola2589d ago

That's the issue. If they'd just make good games like they used to, we wouldn't have these bs pay to win phone games.

Godmars2902589d ago

People don't remember when Wada was in charge and, in following after apparent idle Bobby Kotick, said that he wanted to take the fun out of making games while being wholly clueless of what that meant?

Far as I can tell the guy who took over for him was chosen by Wada and has changed little to nothing. Aside from making brash announcements.

UltimateMaster2589d ago

We need more Square-Enix games on PlayStation.

randomass1712589d ago

If we keep supporting good games like Bravely Default, they'll come around. :)

JBSleek2589d ago

Of course you can show your dissatisfaction. I just think it's weird when people act all entitled about companies like they owe you something.

Godmars2902589d ago

No. They'll just make more BD. Make it more "accessible".

randomass1712589d ago

@Godmars290 I disagree. Bravely Default sold well because it was using what Square thought was a niche and outdated gameplay style. Bravely Default outsold Lightning Returns FFXIII because it wanted to be what FF fans really wanted while giving options that don't impede on the experienced players to also make it easier for newcomers to pick up.

Godmars2902589d ago

You miss the bit where they "promised" yearly releases of the title, which wont allow much if any room for creativity in story? Meanwhile FF15 is still going to be the high production cinematic mess its likely going to be.

Square has learned nothing. Have their heads so far up their @$$ that its waist deep.

randomass1712589d ago

I don't blame you for being cynical. Exactly the opposite, I think it's smart of you to approach Square with cynicism. All I'm saying is money talks and if more good games sell then Square will have to make more good games. It's as simple as that.

Godmars2902589d ago

And I'm saying you're trying to apply an instance of chance as a rule of logic.

Square's ability to make good games have declined, so if they happen to have made a good game the odds of them making another good game, of following that one good example, will only decline. At best if they repeat the formula they'll either do a note for note, or introduce something which ruins it.

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JBSleek2589d ago

Greedy desire for iOS?

They are a company who job it is to make money. If they can make money on mobile then good for them.

Others aren't entitled to have their games on consoles which they still do anyway so what's the issue?

randomass1712589d ago

I would agree with this if not for Square seemingly leaving a lot of fans in the dust with watered down FF experiences and using classic franchises to create pay to wait/win mobile games. They are a company whose job it is to make money but the consumers can also express dissatisfaction with their products and how they go about their business.

Yodagamer2589d ago

They've been doing mobile for years now and it didn't hurt the ds/gba/psp. Most of the games that are available on ios are ports of old games with a few games that are exclusives. They also have supported the 3ds and vita so it's not like they've abandoned handhelds all together.

Kurisu2589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

Other than FFX / X-2 they haven't supported the Vita at all. They're supporting the 3DS with games like Theathrythm, Bravely Default and the newly announced Final Fantasy Explorers but Vita is being left to rot. PSP had its own defining FF experiences with Crisis Core and the two Dissidia games whereas Vita just gets a remaster of an old game.

Yodagamer2589d ago

Vita's not really getting much support from anybody even sony themselves so they are just one of many devs. Leaving the vita to rot. It's a shame really, but the game they did give to vita owners was of a very high quality when most devs. have botched hd collections on vita.

Magicite2589d ago

Square please get back to consoles and start making decent games. Stop catering to damned iOs or handhelds, they have enough of idiotic games already.

hkgamer2589d ago

i think its greed with ios hasnt interfered with the handheld consoles at all. could you imagine s-e releasing all their games for £1 on ios but you would need to spend atleast £30 on portable console version?

3-4-52588d ago

Hey Square,

Make more games like:

* Dragon Quest 8 & 9

* Fantasy Life

* Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

* FF Explorers

* Tales of games

* FE: Awakening

* Bravely Default

* Go make old games like Rogue Galaxy & Suikoden & Dark Cloud & FF9 & FF6.

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Whxian2589d ago

"with further plans to release high quality rpg games for the PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS."

i'v heard of explorers, but did they say they were working on games for the vita?

vergilxx32589d ago

Ya they did work on type 0 but later they converted it to PS 4 xone

Whxian2589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

that wouldnt count as working on games.type 0 would have counted as a localization which they seem to think wouldnt pay off, but i mean new games, since ffx did sell well in japan on the vita, which is where they would bother trying for now if anything.
i just wanted to know if this article had a source, or if its just assuming that square is working on new games for the vita

Inception2589d ago

I think the title should be:

"SE games help spark 3DS & mobile sales"

Because so far SE only released five games for vita:

- Army Corps of Hell
- Lord of Apocalypse (multiplat with PSP, japan only)
- FF X & X-2 remaster (multiplat with PS3)
- Million Arthur (multiplat with mobile, japan only)

No FF Type-0, no KH, no Dissidia, no Front Mission, no DQ, etc for vita. Personally i don't count that as "helping".

vergilxx32589d ago

And there goes ffxii remaster on vita..

Inception2588d ago

I bet SE still make it, but i don't know if they will make it for vita.

hkgamer2589d ago

well, s-e does help with handheld console sales, just look at every game they released and the boost thehandheld device gets in sale that week or 2.

their biggest problem i have with them is the lack of vita support. they could easily port games to the vita but they choose not to.

Inception2588d ago

Well the only SE games that boost vita sales is FF X/X-2 remaster. Beside that, the other games they released can't do nothing to boost vita sales.

DualWielding2589d ago

Vita's lack of square-enix exclusive is one of its main problems, if it had an exclusive Kingdom Hearts like 3DS or if X/X2 had been Vita only the thing would be selling al ot better

hkgamer2589d ago

definitely, but just simple ports would also sell a bunch on the vita aswell. i think vita owners would love for a traditional jrpg.

theres a bunch of monster hunter clones coming out, but im kinda sick of them. ffx was great, give us more, or just port us more.