Release Schedules For Xbox One And PlayStation 4

Whats Next For Xbox One And PlayStation 4 Games?

E3 2014 launched everything that the publishers had to show you! But when are you going to be able to get your hands on these fantastic games?

The great news is that most of them will be with us this year! Only 5 titles from the list of Xbox One games below will be released in 2015

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AceBlazer131577d ago ShowReplies(9)
Axios21577d ago (Edited 1577d ago )

What happened to

Fantasha Music evolved
Phantom Dust
Halo 5 (it's been announced)
Ori and the blind forest
Project Spark
Quantum Break

just to name a few, and before anyone starts about certain games being on other platforms:

Tropico 5
Natural Doctrine

pedrof931577d ago (Edited 1577d ago )

Those games don't have announce dates I believe.

They could only be coming later next year.

Edit : Some are INDIES, and isn't MASTER CHIEF collection coming to Pc also ?

Mikefizzled1577d ago

Fantasia is confirmed for October 21st 2014.
Swery insists D4 is coming out this fall.
Ori is fall 2014.
Spark is planned for fall 2014.

Halo 5 and QB are confirmed 2015.

Literally nothing other than trailers for Phantom Dust and Scalebound.

Below is TBA but its Capy so TBA and a year.

airsick71577d ago (Edited 1577d ago )

You sure about Quantum Break... I thought that was still TBA too. Very Curious to see more, Alan Wake was one of my faves gen 7

Edit: just saw an article where the creative director confirmed this. Cool

Mikefizzled1576d ago

I'm holding Sam Lake to his word for what he said in this teaser trailer.

Magicite1576d ago

X1 console exclusives with CONFIRMED dates:
09/30 Forza Horizon 2 (Day One Edition)
10/21 Fantasia: Music Evolved
10/28 Sunset Overdrive (Day One Edition)
11/11 Halo: The Master Chief Collection
11/11 Shape Up.
Thats all.

PS4 got many more, not gonna list though.
Source: Gamefaqs.

xboxpete1577d ago

Isnt motogp released already?

Is this article about release dates of games not yet released?

Xbox centric?

Where in this article do i criticize playstation 4?

Do you actually check to see if im biased? Of course you are not.

I also state in this article that i have NOT INCLUDED ANY RELEASE DATES FOR: ps3 psv xbox 360

Ps4 and Xbox One only

pedrof931577d ago

Well the website is called Xboxplayers so I assume that it's Xbox-centric, the same goes for OPM ( for playstation) or Total Xbox for Xbox. Xbox-centric means its pro-xbox doesn't necessarily mean its mindless fanboyism for the XBOX team.

Ihatetrolls761577d ago (Edited 1577d ago )

I'm an xbox fan but I like to see what's coming out for the other systems and not to downplay or troll I enjoy the other systems a lot but like xbox more everything has to be about a fight with the majority of morons on here. I probably just made a lot of enemies on both sides of the camp with that comment but Oh we'll lol and bubble up for you good point

Pogmathoin1577d ago

If you claim to be on the side of games only, you all would want both systems.....

Provolone241577d ago

Your username is xboxpete and you write for

jmac531577d ago

I'm sick of these websites not optimizing for mobile. I couldn't see any of the dates.

teo721577d ago

Metro redux will be out august 29 according to

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