6 Games That Should Have Been At E3 (But Weren't)

OutsideXbox: It's easy to assume every single game in production gets its moment in the limelight during E3, but that's not always the case. There are notable absences every year and while that doesn't necessarily mean the game itself is in development trouble, it does make you wonder why we didn't get to see some tasty gameplay. What might surprise you is that some of these games are scheduled for release this year. Watch on to find out who bunked off E3 2014.

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gamer11381631d ago

Very harsh, especially on Quantum Break. I'd like to believe the reason MS and Remedy have held quantum break back is because it's looking like a really big game that may have gotten lost in all the reveals at E3. Depending on how the gameplay comes off, it could be the big game out of gamescom and gain a lot of momentum.

randomass1711631d ago

The gameplay probably just wasn't ready at the time. The actual in-engine mechanics might still have bugs to iron out. I try not to hold it against them. We will probably see plenty of Quantum Break at next year's E3 or even the VGAs.

coolbeans1631d ago

Actually, Sam Lake said we'll get our first look at the mechanics (like live demo) at this year's Gamescom.

randomass1711630d ago

That's awesome! I look forward to seeing it in action! :)

coolbeans1630d ago

Same here. Very excited to see how it works.

Multiplatguy1631d ago

I thought it was pretty obvious why they held it back. They wanted to talk about games and nothing else because of the backlash they got for talking about TV in 2013. Quantum Break is the fusion of a Live action TV show and a game.

To avoid being accused of losing focus, I am certain they moved it back for this reason alone.

NukaCola1631d ago

Will be TGS but a trailer would of been nice.

randomass1711631d ago

Maybe I shouldn't be, but I was surprised to see neither Beyond Good And Evil 2 and The Last Guardian. I was crossing my fingers on those two games like you wouldn't believe. :/

Pozzle1631d ago

I was surprised we didn't see the new Fatal Frame.

Iltapalanyymi1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

come gamescom and we are going to see some "KUANTUM BREIK" from the always so based Sam Lake. I love all of the remedy's gaems :3

AnEwGuY1631d ago

So, even they pointed out in their pointless little video...Sam Lake CLEARLY stated when and where they'd be showing QB, they still label the game "suspiciously absent" from E3? SMH....what a bunch of f***ing morons.

christocolus1631d ago

Lol. You are right. He did day that.

randomass1711630d ago

Shady journalism lol. This happens all the time it seems.

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The story is too old to be commented.