Review Fix: UFC Initial Thoughts

Electronic Arts’ UFC game reeks of visual polish, from sweat, to creases in skin and bruises. Simply put, this game is one of the best looking games EA has ever produced. It might even boast the best character models in any game, period. Add in plenty of presentation polish, from the pre-fight screens to solid commentary and you’ve never been this close to recreating a UFC fight.

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user14394141580d ago

I think YOU need to practice. XoXo

mikeslemonade1580d ago (Edited 1580d ago )

The game is kinda bare bones and not very intuitive. It's a okay sports game to tide you over to Madden and NBA 2K.

GamerEuphoria1579d ago

I think you need to appreciate how rough the system is compared to other UFC games. Kiss kiss kiss get over yourself kiss

FireBlast10771580d ago

Just too many buttons to press.

GamerEuphoria1580d ago

To be fair, that's to be expect from MMA game given how deep the sport is

Skate-AK1580d ago

Sounds like you don't like fighting games. They all have a bunch of buttons to press.

FireBlast10771579d ago

More a Tekken guy, prefer times button presses than just a million combinations, ya know?

DEEBO1580d ago

very deep but you must train grasshopper .

do the challenges and try to earn the blackbelt but blackbelt's don't hit back,now you must take what you learn and apply it in a fight but you need to know what the other guy is trying to do to you,make adjustments on the fly and take down you opponent.

thi game is better than THQ's UFC in my opinion.the level of strategy with every fight is what keeps you coming back for more.

My ps4 has been working overtime because of this game.

mynameisq1579d ago

Don't have the full game but one thing from the demo that I didn't like was some of the knockouts- sometimes a good strike would hit the players face and he reacts like clay (his face starts wobbling like jelly) and drops whereas in the original UFC game on the PS3 you could rock someone back with a heavy hit. It doesn't always happen in the demo but a few times it looked a bit weird. Is it better in the full game? P.s I know sometimes in real life a good hit can make someone drop on the spot rather than fall backwards but I just get the feeling it's done slightly wrong in this game, well the demo at least

Eejanaika1580d ago

bruce lee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!

HRoach6161580d ago

I'd say it's on par with THQ's ground game, but I thought EA's MMA ground game was better and more visually appealing. It's essentially a mini game no matter what so at least MMA's looked awesome watching bones bend and snap.

Just my opinion.

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