EA SPORTS UFC: 10 Fighters to Add

GoodGameBro writes, "Thankfully, EA SPORTS has already committed to providing free roster updates in EA SPORTS UFC as the game evolves in the coming years, and there is hope that more of the top fighters in the UFC will find their way into the game as downloadable content. Consulting the UFC rankings and the weight classes for whom the top 15 is least represented on-disc, here is our first crack at our 10 Fighters to Add to EA SPORTS UFC‘s Roster."

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Jeedai Infidel1580d ago

Tank Abbott and Cabbage, we need some out of shape fatties to represent some of us playing the game ;-)

DanaBlack1579d ago

Those guys are great but could anybody forget Diego Sanchez? Yall still mad about that BS decision?

Omegasyde1579d ago

No Chuck fu**in' Norris, no buy.

Also sorta sucks that alot of ufc legends fight for belator and cant be added. Sorta wish Ken and frank shamrock along with Tito and Dan severyn were in the game. Those dudes were boss

l-Mc-I1579d ago

For me the fighters that I would like to see added are Matt brown, hector lombard, Erick silva and alex caseres. Loving the game so far! especially the online.