Small Team at Fable Dev Working On Company's "Next Big IP"

8-person team at Lionhead Studios working on "a couple of new prototypes" for non-Fable games.

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corvusmd1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

Ah, come on dude, we are hearing about companies starting new projects and games all the time...why is THIS one a "hype train"? You don't even know what it is it appears the "troll train" has a head start.

"If a troll-train leaves the station at 100mph 2 years early, where does it meet the hype-train"?

thenickel1633d ago

You joke but with Rare on board and MS building its universe of mascots beyond the chief I could see a game like Fable cart.

Gamer7771633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

Why on earth do you waste so much time trolling every article? Do you even play games? Or do you just post dumb comments all day ?

Lawboy21633d ago

I'm actually looking forward to what they bring...I'm going to try fable legends beta out but I've never played a fable's hoping for the best

Neoninja1633d ago

Well Fable Legends will be a bit different from the numbered titles, but it should be a fun experience. I would recommend you give Fable Anniversary and Fable 2 a spin. If you can find a good deal Fable 3 as well, but its not as good as the other 2.

Bonkerz1633d ago

The biggest thing to me honestly is the fact that MS is being so heavy on bringing exclusives to X1 it is kinda mind boggling. They have been doing an absolutely incredible job, the difference in this console today and what it was at launch is dramatic so i really cannot ask for much more, keep it up is all i can say. O and Fable legends looks really good!

thenickel1633d ago

If by any chance one of "Fable 8" are reading this post.... please bring back BC now that MS is open to new ideas. BC and Yager were the 2 XBOX games that never saw the light of day and had lots of potential.

gamerfan09091633d ago

Great to see Lionhead do a new IP. It's going to be funny/interesting seeing Rare and Lionhead do non fable and non kinect stuff in the future.

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