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Enemy Front is the latest WW2 game to hit the gaming scene, in the game trailers, it offered a promising sign that maybe, just maybe WW2 games can make a comeback. When I first saw the gameplay trailer I was hyped, WW2 was making a comeback and it looked awesome.

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Aon1679d ago

I think this rating is too low but everyone has his own opinion about this game. For me Enemy Front is good game like a 7.5/10 but this is my opinion. Storyline, possibility choice mission and weapon, soundrtack and idea to do this game is great.

riverside6661673d ago

yes, 7.5, maybe 8 game looks oldschool, about WWII I have not played in such a game. There were 2 parts Sniper elite, but in spite of everything else kind of game. Foul I really like it, too bad that so short .. I played 10 hours, I know that this is a good time for a single mode, but as long yearned for a game of this type that probably does not come back to it again. I loved it.

Aon1672d ago

You know I play on new CoD something like 8 hours on singleplayer so 10 hours on Enemy Front is not bad result. Allways you can play on multiplayer, I have a lot of good fun on this mode too.