Compare & Contrast: Bloodborne and Nightmare Creatures

In regards to the latest Bloodborne game play/trailer footage, D-Pad writes a compare and contrast article between Bloodborne and Nightmare Creatures.

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austinhooe1682d ago

Interesting comparison! Those two games also remind of the Legacy of Kain series for some reason.

Redrum0591680d ago

I Remember nightmare creatures, nothing like playing nightmare creatures at night on the N64. Oh the good ol' days

VsAssassin1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

I liked the article in general. However, one statement that I feel the need to comment on is this: "While moving about was satisfying enough, attacking almost always felt sticky and needlessly slow. I get that it was all part of the challenge and entices a more defensive strategy rather than Hack N’ Slash, but fighting creatures in Dark Souls was uncomfortable as a gamer."

~ I disagree on this. The combat was not needlessly slow in DeSo and DaSo, it was part of the equipment encumbrance system. I strongly believe that From Software pulled this off better than most action-adventure RPGs out there (Skyrim comes to mind).

Anyway, it was still a good read. I never had the chance to play Nightmare Creatures though my brother had a copy back in the day. I hope they reboot the series.

Lionsguard1680d ago

I knew I wasn't the only one who remembered Nightmare Creatures after seeing the trailer for Bloodborne.

HaveAsandwich1680d ago

i left nightmare creatures for ps somewhere, in like 97'. wish i had it. ps now?