20 Best Moments from E3 2014

iHowtoDo: It might not have been an E3 for the ages like a year ago, yet regardless it had a plenty of wonderful minutes from game we simply can hardly wait to get our active. All things considered, that is E3 for an alternate year, people! Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft, Sony and Nintendo have all held their public interviews, divulging the most recent and most excellent in the gaming scene. In spite of the fact that it was an impressively more quieted undertaking than a year ago cutting edge craze, Sony and Microsoft particularly conveyed rock-robust uncovers, while EA gave what is as of now respected to be one of the most noticeably bad pressers in late E3 memory.

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cruxito3090d ago

first comment..... YaY!!! i ve accomplish something in my in life, finally...

GamingManiac3090d ago

well was looking forward to reading this, but refuse to be part of this hit-whoring 21page bullshit..

Fel083090d ago

I had a feeling Zelda was going to be #1. Well deserved.