Top 3 Destiny Elements Observed In The Alpha

The dust has settled from an astonishing E3 week. To finish off the biggest week of the gaming year, lucky gamers around the world were treated with 3 glorious days of the Destiny Alpha. Destiny has arguably been the most anticipated game since E3 2013. The momentum has never declined and the team at Bungie began the Sony conference with Destiny as the opening cinematic. The show ended with an Incendiary Grenade (Hunter Class) type bang as the Destiny Alpha was announced beginning on Thursday, 12 June.

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whybag1683d ago

You missed the top draw, the game ran smoothly and with no lag. This thing basically put Battlefield Hardpoint Beta to SHAME for running so bad, and lots of other games run worse than this "alpha" did. If Bungie puts this much attention into the playability, the release version will do well.

rdgneoz31682d ago

YAh, ran fine for me with no hickups. Was playing around in the Devil's Lair (which by the way is meant for 3 people, not solo...) on hard, it was brutal. Try the final boss with several elites with shields popping up during the spawn waves...

p.s. The alpha is still up and running for those that want to keep playing.

Eldyraen1682d ago

I enjoyed the Strike so am looking forward to more of them later on at release.

It is pretty challenging at times especially if you go out of your way actually trying not to die (a few parts are too easy to exploit though like defending from catwalk). AI could be a little more agressive though in one or two spots (walker tank's adds for example usually stick to certain areas almost exclusively and should actively seek out players more IMO). That whole area is huge but all the action takes place in about a third of it.

All in all though I enjoyed it and am sure to preorder it. I haven't even touched competitive though and I won't be giving it a shot till launch (may skip beta completely just to keep things more fresh come September but I will see how that goes come beta).

ValKilmer1683d ago

1. That it didn't last long enough =(

andreasx1682d ago

this game is most def a GOTY contender, I wouldnt be surprised if it actually won. OT: having a blast playing the alpha, too bad the lvl is capped at 8, wanted to try out a lot of the cool gear i got :(

rdgneoz31682d ago

Yah, got a bunch of blue/rare armor (has 2 perks instead of the 1 like greens) but it was all lvl 11 or 12 :(