Enemy Front - Review | "Enemy Front combines quite a nice game with an average visual setting and fatal artificial intelligence. This is a mediocre game, which duplicates the clichés of war shooters."

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Activemessiah2218d ago

Ouch! people have high hopes for this game.

Saryk2218d ago

I did, but I wanted to wait and see.

SonyStyled2218d ago

im not reading this review, but im 2 levels into the game. i love this game. given i love that point in world history. the game has an open design which is largely introduced in level 2. feel free to hit the enemy from any side. its nice. its a cryengine game. expect it to have the openess of a crysis like game. i think its overall an enjoyable experience and ive been waiting for a good WWII shooter for a while. its not goty, but i personally think its a ways above a 5 as a review. its a great game from what ive played. and at $40 you cant beat it

snipes1012217d ago

I played it and enjoyed it a lot. Very unique game with some good ideas at work. You basically have to be willing to look past *some* bugs that affect game play and overall mediocre to bad presentation.

ColdNorway2218d ago

I'm not surprised that this game is getting nothing but (below) average scores, it's a "CI Games" (formerly "City Interactive") game. Their most "popular"franchise is the "Sniper: Ghost Warrior" games. They're all bargain bin titles, always plagued with a higly forgettable SP story with unforgiving AI and a MP that nobody want to play. Most of their games are released after numerous delays counting years of adding/deleting features ending in a mess of a game marred with often dull graphics.

snipes1012217d ago

This game was actually being developed by Stuart Black, who made Black awhile back. Problem is, he left during development, and I'm guessing it got forced out the door as a result.

ColdNorway2217d ago (Edited 2217d ago )

I played "Black" on my PS2 and yes it's an amazing game,I still play it once a year.But just hiring Stuart Black doesn't automatically give you a great game by default. Remember what happened with the Codemasters game "Bodycount" that often was said to be the spiritual successor to "Black" and designed by Stuart Black? It was a dull mess. In fact I'm not sure if Stuart Black just got super lucky with "Black", meaning everything from money (EA had bought Criterion Games) and an eager staff wanting to give FPS a first try that amazingly ended in an once in a lifetime stellar game? But if I was a billionare I would still give Stuart Black a go at making a real "Black" sequel that I really want to play, perhaps call it "Back 2 Black".

snipes1012216d ago

I'm not saying that him working on it equated to a good game by default, but that they did have someone who had put together a good game in the past. When a head leaves in the middle of development, that's going to cause problems.

I played the game, and all of the ideas are great. Honestly, all of the problems are things that don't (always) directly affect the gameplay. There were blah graphics and textures, enemies OCCASSIONALLY saw me through a wall, and animations were poor, but everything else pretty much worked, and that everything else made for a pretty entertaining experience to me.

Aon2218d ago

I really want to play in this game because I'd loved WWII shooter games. Now when I finished campaign and start to play in multi can tell Enemy Front is good game. Maybe not ideal game but I have a lot of fun play on it. Good game with good price for me:)