Nintendo Will Ultimately Win The Console War

The Wii U may be the best console of this generation. Here is why Nintendo might win the console war.

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randomass1712214d ago

Now THAT is a big claim, not to mention a massive upset. I still think this is Sony's generation, but it's a long generation at that. Best of luck to all!

Loadedklip2214d ago (Edited 2214d ago )

yea ... I love Nintendo and I am enjoying my Wii U but with the lack of full third party support, the core gamers (in general) will at best view the Wii U as a secondary console. It is really hard being a main console without the FULL support from WB Games, EA, Activision, Take-Two, UBIsoft, Capcom, Konami, etc etc.

For Wii U to win, it's only chance would be if it got the casuals hooked like it did with Wii Sports and Wii Fit on the Wii but the Wii U's price is above what casuals prefer and the gamepad is just not as innovative as the Wiimote was in 2006.

Best case scenario is for Nintendo to win back it's core fans and try to expand their own second party contracts (like they been doing with Bayonetta, Wonderful 101, Devil's Third)so that it is a super appealing console so that former (or on the fence) Nintendo fans will buy it and also make it clearly the best secondary console to own by having the best true exclusive games if you already own a gaming PC, PS4 or XB1.

As long as you keep gamers happy ... and you are selling well and making a profit so that your investors are happy as well ... it really doesn't matter what place you come in.

GordonKnight2214d ago (Edited 2214d ago )


WB Games, EA, Activision, Take-Two, UBIsoft, Capcom,& Konami all have secondary games IMO.

When exclusives are the biggest decision maker in your console purchase. How can the Wii U be a secondary console when they have the most exclusives? IMO There is no 3rd party games that will make me purchase a system.

Loadedklip2214d ago (Edited 2214d ago )

@ GordonKnight

Exclusives are the biggest reason to make a console purchase "when all else is equal" as in equal third party support.

What I mean is that while you take for granted that these third party games are on PC, PS4 and XB1 ... they do not support the Wii U at all.

If u can only buy ONE system and that one system is a Wii U ... you will get Nintendo games but you will be missing out on nearly everything from UBIsoft, EA, Activision, WB games, Capcom, Konami, Take-Two, Bethesda, etc etc etc.

That is a TON of games you are missing out on.
As great as Nintendo is ... they cannot and will not make as many total AAA titles as all those publishers combined.

PS ... I love the Wii U and am enjoying the hell out of Mario Kart 8. I am not trying to knock them, just being real.

If you can own two consoles the choice should be this ...

Main console = Pick one of the following for your third party games and the BEST exclusives for your taste from either XB1, PS4 or PC.

Secondary console = Wii U most likely unless you really hate colorful games :)

Now if you have the money, time and space ... get everything.

LOL_WUT2214d ago (Edited 2214d ago )

The problem with the WiiU is the lack of games that it has that would appeal to a wide variety of gamers. Whether the fanboys want to admit it or not Nintendo needs 3rd party support. What does all that money in the bank good for if you don't invest in your own studios or partners.

As for Nintendo winning that's just wishful thinking ;)

SilentNegotiator2214d ago (Edited 2214d ago )

"IMO There is no 3rd party games that will make me purchase a system"

So ultimately, you buy consoles based on the merits of a SINGLE publisher? Granted, they're a big dev/pub, but still, I would never choose a console that way. Exclusives are important, but it if it also means VERY few third party games, I have to pass. 3/4 of my games are from third parties.

uptownsoul2214d ago

The problem with most (if not all) Nintendo home consoles is that most of the gaming public finds lack of 3rd party games too steep a trade-off for their exclusive games

GordonKnight2214d ago

I guess my view is the exception, because I have the X1, PS4, & Wii U. This makes 3rd party games have less value in my view.

Aceman182214d ago

Yea as it stands right now my PS4 is my main goto system, and my Wii U is my secondary console for now.

Right now there are some 1st party games I want so its an easy choice to have the system, 3rd party games now that's where its gets a bit dicey. Hopefully they can get together with the pubs/devs to get more games on the system.

MysticStrummer2214d ago

"When exclusives are the biggest decision maker in your console purchase. How can the Wii U be a secondary console when they have the most exclusives?"

Those Nintendo exclusives might interest someone less than exclusives on the other two consoles.

I'd find it very entertaining if WiiU did come back and win the generation, but I still wouldn't want a WiiU if all else remained the same.

SilentNegotiator2214d ago


Having the free income to already have all 3 systems with games while also having the free time to enjoy 3 consoles...that's the exception.

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iDadio2214d ago

They needed the big hitters a lot earlier than this, either Zelda or MK or Smash Bros would have done. I got one purely for MH3U and sank hundreds of hours with friends on it but it has been gathering dust since.

Xof2214d ago

It's certainly Nintendo's win for now, and Sony certainly has the most potential to "win" the generation (again)... but, sadly, most of that potential is currently unrealized.

It's a sad state of affairs when a company's new gaming platform is markedly inferior to it's old platform. I know fanboys will freak out at that sentence, but maybe if I say "obviously I'm not talking about hardware specifications" I'll dissuade a a rabid attack or two?

Mr_Writer852214d ago

If you mean features well yeah, but the PS3 that launched is not the same PS3 you can buy now.

It evolved over time and so will the PS4, you have to mark it for its primary function, games.

And this launch is much better then the PS3 launch period, and although a quite 1st year for exclusives year 2 is going to be one hell of a ride.

herbs2214d ago (Edited 2214d ago )

I think if most people wake up to the fact that the PS4 and Xbone are simply streamlined low-mid range PCs that offer less for more $$$ in the long run (monthly fees + expensive games) than the Wii U has a good chance of coming out on top riding on its great lineup of exclusives. Likely it will become #2 just becoming the complimentary secondary console though because of its lack of third party support.

Taero2214d ago

I'm not sure where I'd put the PS4 in amongst the 'average' gamers pc. I know that mine is old with a capital O, 4850 1gb graphics card, 4gb ram, old ASUS mobo, 3.16ghz dual core, all great in their time but right now I'd be looking at pretty much a total rebuild. We've all read the 'how to build a pc for the price of a ps4' and I'll even give them lack of peripherals etc. because yes, I'd be using my TV and sound system and for most builds they run games on mediumish at a good frame rate and may indeed be comparable in quality to current console offerings.

The difference comes in that 5 years down the line the exact same box I have now will be playing every new game released. Of course it won't look as good as had I kept my PC up to date in 5 years time but that's the trade off we make :) and most of us know that (except the people who seem to think that the PS4 will keep pace with the PC into the next decade which it blatantly can't).

Your game comment is a difficult one though, yes we pay to play online but as a perk of that we get our 6 games (PS4), personally I own a PS3, Vita and PS4 so I get 6 games a month. Let's average that to $25 to take into account vita, indies and the occasional $50-60 game. At 6 games a month that's a 'value' of $150, at 12 months a year that's $1800 which I would say saves me money in the long run. I personally have about 25 unplayed games on Steam that were on super sale.

The problem is that my time does not increase as the money spent on the game decreases and most of my sales were on older games, good games, but older. Also PC games have little to no resale value.

N4g_null2214d ago

Taero what is sad is you are saying that pc will not age as well as a ps4. The ps4 uses the same tech and an i7 along will blow a ps4 out of the water with an ok gpu. Ram is also cheap.

I'm sorry there is only so much coding to the metal that will cause a ps4 to out preform a pc with an i7 and a ok gpu in it.

The ps2, ps3 and now the ps4 all revel in that same power myth. None of them contributed any thing to pc gpu tech or power. No hype any thing uses any of their chips or designs.

If you need the idea of pc gaming then development teams all over the west are ready to cater to the lower specs of a ps4 compared to a pc. It is just easier. A few tricks here and there and wham you are wowed. It's ok there is on real game play.... look at those graphics!

Hey but it is cheap! Pc cost too much right... Yet these same people hate nintendo it seems because of some confusion over being adults? You are playing video games... there is nothing adult about that.

BullyMangler2214d ago (Edited 2214d ago )

how long will you keep doing this console war thing before you join Nintendo ?


Magicite2214d ago

Never say Never, but I guess this I time we can definitely say - NEVER.

3-4-52214d ago

Actually I think this will be both a long and short generation.

The PS4 will last the longest between the 3, and Nintendo will release the new console the soonest.

madpuppy2214d ago

Nintendo and Mario are the hoop and stick of video games, fun many years ago but, everything else has surpassed it.

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Rothalack2214d ago

I cannot consciously say that they have won and or are winning the console war. They may be offering the most enticing games right now, in this moment. But they have quite a long fight ahead of them with PS4 and Xbone games starting to roll out.

fatneal2214d ago

i think as ps4 and obviously xb1 continue to heavily rely on western games while nintendo remains very niche and versatile and japanese in nature this could be a possibility. i mean gamers cant continue to drool over similar shooters can they....can they?

Thatguy-3102214d ago

Lol people still drool over the same games that Nintendo comes out with year after year. So what's the difference?

fatneal2214d ago

stop trolling dude, whether you like nintendo's offerings or not you cant deny how good they are at reinventing genres and adding charm to each title they release hence why they consistently have critically acclaimed first party releases every year...thats nowhere near the same as the copy n paste shooer-fest we see across sony and microsoft

Thatguy-3102214d ago

Not trolling when it's true. Reinventing genres? How? Tell me examples. I'll agree they do know how to add charm to their titles and it seems like the yarn art style is what's in right now. Idk I just don't think you can criticize one thing and defend a similar situation.

LOL_WUT2214d ago

A new power up is reinventing the wheel? Nintendo offers the same old platformers and suddenly it's innovation? You guys bash shooters when it's convenient for you guys but foam at the mouth for a generic title like splatoon and devils third. ;)

weekev152214d ago

@lolwut can you give me an example of a game similar to splatoon. Do you even know what the word generic means?

fatneal2214d ago

@dboyc310 they reinvented playforming several times...reinvented 3d adventure games several times...the had the light gun then inproved on motion controls...the reinvented the fighting genre with smash...they reinvented the racing genre with mario kart...and if splatoon turns out as good as it looks they will reinvent the shooter too

i dont mind guys like you preferring other consoles, i myself love sony and nintendo but you cant deny nintendos 30 year history of greatness...mario galaxy was arguably the best game released last gen and thats quite an accomplishment for the weakest console in an industry over-saturated with shooters

AWBrawler2214d ago

yeah, because i've been drooling over Splatoon and codename STEAM since NES days..... no wait. thats not right. I mean i've been playing Pikmin, Steel Diver, Rolling western, Pushmo, and Sakura samurai since Nes.... no thats not right either.

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WeAreLegion2214d ago

Similar shooters?

You have no idea what the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One titles are for 2014/2015, do you?

Mr_Writer852214d ago

According to the ill informed Nintendo fanboys we only play shooters.

JBSleek2214d ago

I mean sure, it could.

bahabeast2214d ago

i dnt know about nintendo winning but i can see all companies doing well. this seem to be a generation that owning all consoles is a must.

randomass1712214d ago

You know what, I agree with you. Initially I had all my interest set on PS4, but over the past few months I've really become a PS4/Wii U guy, and I even have interest in Xbox One's upcoming exclusives like Sunset Overdrive. I really like the stuff we saw at E3 this year from everyone around.

Loadedklip2214d ago

I can't believe you are getting disagrees for liking every system's exclusives ... that's sad even for N4G's standards.

The fanboyism on all sides needs to stop.

marloc_x2214d ago

Very well said. They all have excellent games on the horizon..