The Order: 1886 Gameplay Video

Feast your eyes on six minutes of gameplay from the single-player campaign of The Order: 1886.

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oODEADPOOLOo1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

You try to be first on every article, but have so little to say. You must be worf.

XiYakushijuAkeginuXi1589d ago

Stop hating brother. At least he is first in something. What about you?

oODEADPOOLOo1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

Im not hating on him, and your comment made you sound like a douche. And really being the first to comment is an accomplishment?

XiYakushijuAkeginuXi1589d ago

Funny thing is, I think that lady is spraying the can at you

Dirtnapstor1589d ago

Who flippin cares!? Are you the site monitor or what?

BattleN1589d ago

Your only bitter becouse your second!

oODEADPOOLOo1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

Well that would be true if she was facing left, but as you can clearly see shes is facing right and you comment is indented to the right, after my original post indicating you are the clear source of the BS.

Why are u gettin so pissy I was putting up video of joke since it fit. Go find a TV and watch something.


How am I bitter?

XiYakushijuAkeginuXi1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )


Well my screen is upside down, so you are the loser here!

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Angels37851589d ago

You can't possibly have a life outside of this site...

Salta_nelas1589d ago

Shame about the video quality off screen.

Freeball1589d ago

Nice to see a bit more, but LMAO at whoever was playing. Apparently he/she didn't grasp the concept of the gun he/she was playing with.

1mgb1589d ago

Player doesn't realize you are supposed to ignite the thermite.

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The story is too old to be commented.