Classic games that we’d love to see in HD: Freedom Fighters

HITC Tech says: "When discussing the games we’d like to be given a HD remake here at HITC, there was one game that immediately that sprung to my mind - Freedom Fighters. I love this game. So, because I played so much of it when it was released, and because I hold it close to my heart, I decided to give this little gem its own dedicated article."

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barb_wire1638d ago

Burnout 3: Takedown

Re-release those in HD with working MP and I'd be one very happy guy!

Eonjay1638d ago

I hated this game so much.... I wasn't very good at it :(

ThichQuangDuck1638d ago

Freedom Fighters 2 please Squareenix. Division is not close enough

Tetsujin1638d ago

The list of games I want in HD is way too long; and "if" they were in HD I only want the HD look, otherwise it would tarnish the memory.

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The story is too old to be commented.