What Was Missing From Sony E3 2014?

Sony opened the press conference with Activision’s Destiny,Sony have brokered a deal with Activision to have PlayStation gamers have first access to the Beta.

These exclusive deals are seriously annoying ALL GAMERS!

OK as an Xbox site we admit that Microsoft started this petty squabbling but Sony could not rise above it and joined in, we suppose you cannot blame them.

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Crossbones2220d ago (Edited 2220d ago )

PS Vita Must Have Games

alexkoepp2220d ago

That's true, I have a Vita and none of the coming games appeal to me at all.

SOCOM is my pick. If you aren't going to show it why bother even having a conference? It's Sony's best franchise. At least Rainbow 6 got shown I guess.

iamnsuperman2220d ago

Just a word of advice. Don't write lol in a piece. It is very childish and really adds noting.

On topic: I never watched the conference as I wasn't expecting much from what I already knew but I guess Vita titles but putting them in the conference would have been a bad move in it self. Sony is launching a lot of stuff recently (PS4, Playstation TV, PS Now) putting the Vita into that mix would have wasted time. I know the Vita should be of importance to Sony but they really need to keep the PS4 going strong and have a good launch for Playstation TV and PS Now

threefootwang2220d ago

An article on Sony's E3 originating from a website with the words "xboxplayers" in it. Seems legit lol.

Saigon2220d ago (Edited 2220d ago )

LOL...You know I just realized that!!! +b

Prime1572220d ago (Edited 2220d ago )

Yeah, both of these points are why after I read the first chart and saw dead island 2 as first party for Sony, I just laughed and closed it.

ZodTheRipper2220d ago

Driveclub, The Last Guardian, Deep Down, Rime, Gravity Rush 2, Shadow Of The Beast, The Witness, Secret Ponchos, Everybody's Gone to the Rapture and lots of reveals from Sony's first party lineup. Other than that I think we got some pretty cool stuff. Bloodborne is my game of the show.

Timesplitter142220d ago (Edited 2220d ago )

Something tells me Shadow of the Beast is one of those games that get a CG teaser before the console comes out and then we never hear about it again ever

MEGANE2220d ago

To be honest, I was expecting a 500GB blueray-less PS3 for $149.
I need one ;)

HUMDANGUR2220d ago


zeuanimals2220d ago

Driveclub was at the groundfloor, just not the conference.

I think they're saving those other games for Gamescom and TGS.

kratoz12092220d ago

Well there is still gamescom and tgs,
Looking forward to guilty gear xrd and deep down

0P-Tigrex2220d ago

Organization and Pacing. They were all over the place.

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