Dead Rising 3 Dev: 60FPS Not Happening Cause Higher-Ups - Most Probably - Do Not Care Enough For PC

DSOGaming writes: "When Capcom announced that Dead Rising 3 was coming to the PC, a lot of PC gamers raised their fist in the air while shouting out loud. And when the Japanese company revealed that the PC version would be ideal for a 30FPS experience, pretty much all of them cursed them for its laziness. And – surprise surprise – it appears that this FPS issue is basically a result of laziness as a dev confirmed that it would be possible to overcome it, provided the Japanese company put enough effort to this port."

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XiSasukeUchiha3207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

Capcom you should've known from the last years E3! This what I call BS!

nicksetzer13207d ago

Hmm, that guy is going to be fired. Who trashes the company they work for? What a moron.

Razputin3207d ago

Who trashes the company they work for? What a moron.

A person who has balls. People who voice their opinion and don't care about getting fired are the ones that will succeed because they are actually happy at what they do.

I go to every job not caring if I get fired that same minute, I know I'll find another job as I do it very well.

Its good he is voicing his opinion because he knows the issues and the lack of effort Capcom is putting forth with this port.

They are going to give us a lackluster product, well its going to show in their sales, and those people like this guy, are the ones that will get fired for they higher-up's decision. That is why.

JackOfAllBlades3207d ago

I agree with razputin, you gotta grow a pair and stand up for what's right. Also hopefully modders can fix this trash port

nicksetzer13207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

@razputin I truly hope 95% of your comment is a joke or typo. He is publically trashing the people paying him. Not to mention, he say "most likely" as he has no clue how or why these decisions were made. What if the engine that they already spent millions to make only runs 30fps. (like dead nation) name me some other games that manufacture new engines for each console they release on. There is no question he has the right to question the practice, even fight against it, but going on public record saying all this is unprofessional. Not at all a way to get anywhere in life, and certainly not a recipe for "success" as you claim. Let me know how it works for you. Having an opinion and fighting for it is one thing, being an ass about it is a whole other.
Not saying his opinion is wrong or right, but his method of approach is absolutely wrong, and lacking information to support it.

sinspirit3207d ago


That is not at all how it works, and as even more confirmation about how wrong you are about how it works, this developer for the game itself is telling us that it's not going to be native 60fps not because it is difficult but because the higher ups don't want to focus on the product and fix it they just want to quickly port it on another platform for some quick cash.

user56695103207d ago

I been blacklisted capcom. People keep buying their games like they really care about their customers. A lot of gamers these days just are blind to these tactics. The nickel and dime to the tee, they never listen to their customers, and they treat their employees like sh!t why you think most their talent left.

People are going to still buy this even though they balantly treat people like sh!t

choujij3206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

Capcom? Pfft, more like CapFrames.

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TheGreatAndPowerful3207d ago force PC users to play 30fps is a f***ing slap in the face.

cyclindk3207d ago

What? You've got three Titans in your rig? 30 fps, you're welcome.

I'd be peesed.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx3207d ago

I'm sure a mod somewhere will fix the cap.

HappyWithOneBubble3207d ago

I don't understand why PC gamers want to play this garbage anyway. Dead Rising series never been good. If I were you PC gamers just pirate the game.

sinspirit3207d ago

You can actually take the cap off, but they didn't bother to fix the game so that the physics and other aspects are basically doubled when you unlock it to 60fps. So when unlocked it is basically broken. FromSoftware had practically no PC experience and they listened to PC gamers to release DS1 on PC which they said would have some issues but those weren't that bad and then for DS2 they fixed it and made a really solid PC release. Capcom and the Dead Rising team already have PC experience and they're doing this crap.

Meltic3207d ago

Now i understand why there is Pirates out there. Cant trust the developers anymore why support them then ???. Just like in this case...

Sano643206d ago


Fixing a 30FPS cap is a little more then the average modder can do. It's more complicated then it sounds, so I wouldn't get your hopes up.

Someone needs to start a patition on Capcom-Unity and make it clear to the suits that pc gamers wont buy this gimped version unless they fix this.

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Magicite3207d ago

anybody else noticed how bad are many japanese devs/pubs doing lately?

SilentNegotiator3207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

Japanese multiplat devs...give PC some love for once.

Kavorklestein3207d ago

And some say Consoles are dying when compared to PC... This proves that in the mind's eye of most dev's now a days that the most profitable/safe place to launch your titles will always be console.
Sure, steam has greenlighting for indies, and Cd Projeckt Red shows their love for the PC, but most devs and publishers know that consoles are the place to make the bread, and PC's are the place to add the butter.
Now if devs don't use the options at their disposal to "Add the butter" to the PC versions of games, then yes, I agree with the sentiment of "Shame on them"

And Japanese devs are certainly the most guilty of lazy porting.

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DialgaMarine3207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

Who wants to bet that, because M$ had such a huge hand in this game's funding, they simply don't want to put the already shitty XBone version to shame. M$ is very notorious for crap like that.

Lawboy23207d ago

What why do u automatically feel it's Microsoft.....first thing a couple weeks ago when this was announced many ppl said that this wasn't Microsoft trying to support PC it was all of the sudden Microsoft should get all the blame....second off I'm pretty sure there not worried about the xbox one version it's been out for almost a year....and everyone knows the PC is a lot stronger than the xbox one so it would be no surprise for it to run better on the PC

So please stop starting/spreading rumors just because u hate Microsoft

Deadpoolio3207d ago

Really cause M$ are the ones who feel the need to have a parity clause for ALL 3rd party games...Are you that stupid that you can't figure out why people would immediately assume that M$ would pull their parity clause crap in order to not have a Xbox 720p exclusive look bad.....

starchild3207d ago

The parity clause is not about how games look and has nothing to do with graphical parity.

There were plenty of games last generation that looked better on PS3. Most games this generation also look better on PS4. These things would be impossible if there really was a clause that forced graphical parity.

Some of you have misunderstood what that clause was about.

Eonjay3207d ago

Who can really say for sure, but I think we can all agree that something is seriously wrong here.

Kavorklestein3207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

Parity clause only exists in a sony fan's dreams. And was part of their defense last gen when Xbox 360 had better looking multi plats. (Not by Much)
PS4 is having better looking multiplats (not by much) and yet some are still screaming parity clause?

Goes to show that sony fans can't/won't be happy even when they have a fun game to play, and to go a step further, aren't even gonna be happy even when they DO have the better version of a game.

They must just want to watch the world burn?
maybe not, but seriously, parity clause isn't real.

Cell processor was real. Lazy devs are real. ^(Capcom)

This gen, ersam is real. and GDDR5 is real.
NO excuses by/from whiny bitches please.

This guy at Capcom is brave, and obviously saw capcom as a sinking ship of sorts to be willing to risk his job.
^Which shouldn't be news to anyone.

sinspirit3207d ago

The parity clause exists. It has nothing to do with graphics. It means that a game can't launch on another platform and then come out on X1; it must launch on both platforms at the same time, or first on X1. It also didn't exist around 360. So, you made that up.

Microsoft funded Dead Rising 3. So, yes, they have a say in its production as well as its PC port.

larrysdirtydrawss3206d ago

you say its not by much in ps4s favor,its more than that,but it could be worse if devs fully exploited the extra power of ps4.. but devs gotta split their time/resources/$$$ when you develop for 3+ platforms. not any platform is gonna be fully taken advantage of because of that,if they did,youd see a much bigger advantage in ps4 multiplats than there already is.common sense

Activemessiah3207d ago

So basically they're treating PC users like peasants.... I sense... irony somewhere in there.

Pandamobile3207d ago

No, you see, the problem here is that they think they can just dump an Xbox One game on Steam without any real work put into it (i.e, changing whatever systems are tuned for 30 FPS and making them capable of handling a variable framerate, like a game should).

Qrphe3207d ago

That's the story of most multiplats on PC though, not just Capcom (who generally make good PC ports anyhow).

Razputin3207d ago

LOL. Sadly most companies are just dumping games on Steam with very little effort. And they are getting away with it.

I'm a huge Steam user, over 1000 games on it and counting, but the amount of crap they throw on there is just devs/publishers -- if they self publish, trying to get a quick buck.

I don't support early access, I will buy the game once its finished because to me the bugs, and such will just offset my pleasure and enjoyment. And any game that is just a straight to PC port I won't buy at full price. Any game like pre-2005 for the most part didn't have that many graphical settings or features and are thrown on the PC with a GUI to add more resolution support.

I think this is the main issue, us as horrible consumers and Steam just letting almost anything be thrown in there with absolutely no quality control.

starchild3207d ago


Nah, the vast majority of multiplats run extremely well for me on the PC and are far better than the versions I could buy for my consoles.

Even the odd game like Dark Souls that is messed up on release is usually fixed very quickly by the community. Now the PC version of Dark Souls is BY FAR the best version of the game.

mhunterjr3207d ago

From a dollars and sense stand point, I wouldn't see the logic it putting too much extra work into a PC version. Chances are the title won't see a hug bump in sales when it's released on PC, so the added work to reach 60fps won't be appreciated by many.

Also, I don't think the developers are particularly talented in the area of performance. yes dr3 has a lot going on at once, but there are several launch games that look and perform a lot better .

Mr Tretton3207d ago

How the hell hard is it to make a game 60 fps? Every damn PC game is 60 fps. I don't think it's some magical secret. If they can't do it because of the engine like they said, then they made one shitty engine.

Forget PC, console players want 60 fps too if they can get it. Capcom is stupidly out of touch with the market, and Japan for the most part hasn't a clue about the gaming industry at large, today.

mhunterjr3207d ago

That's the thing... The engine is pretty shitty... It's an in house engine, made by a small team for a game intended for the 360... Look at how Sunset Overdrive can do similar things with better results.

Making aiming run at 60fps isn't as simple as throwing it at better hardware. It was designed to be a 30fps game.

wtopez3207d ago


Actually it will probably see a huge bump in sales immediately when it's released on PC and it will also have what can be called the "slow burn" factor. See, once it's on Steam, you can bet that it will be featured in Steam sales for years to come and those make a ton of money for the publisher. There was an instance when a developer made their income for the past 6 years in only 8 hours on a Steam sale.

You gotta remember that once you buy a game on PC, it'll only age backwards. Let's say that you change the GPU of your PC in 3 years. By that time you can probably run Dead Rising 3 and many other games in native 4k, while the X1 version stays the same. If you don't see the point of doing a good PC port, then you are ignoring a lot of facts that suggest the opposite.

mhunterjr3207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

Your right, I should have replaced the word sales with profits.

The race to the bottom economics of steam and similar services is exactly THE REASON a company would release a PC version so much later and put little effort into it.

Those steam sale profits are typically the success story of lower budget games.
You are more speaking to the merits of being a PC gamer, not the merits of porting a game to PC.

SilentNegotiator3207d ago

I'm not buying Dead Rising 3 on PC...I'm not even sure if I'll be able to save my game with Dead Rising 2 in a month because of the GFWL crap (they said they're going to patch it, but they didn't even give a time frame).

It would make plenty of sense for them to put some effort into their PC versions and regain some customer trust.

elhebbo163207d ago

If they wont care then I wont as well :), You don't need my money I guess if you dont care for the needs of PC gamers.

Snookies123207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

Yeah, because of this, I'll wait till I can find a Steam sale and buy it for like 10 dollars lol.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI3207d ago

Just pirate it. Capcom doesn't deserve to see a penny for their laziness. If that means they go under, well too bad for them. Should have known something like that would happen.

Qrphe3207d ago

If you already got it on X1, consider the tprrent a late cross buy title.