Battlefield Hardline (BETA) VIDEO preview

Video preview of some of the vehicles and weapons in the BATTLEFIELD HARDLINE PS4 BETA.

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Activemessiah1583d ago

Is it just me or does BF4 look waaaay better than this...

Allsystemgamer1583d ago

It looks better and plays better. Hard line is junk. Why is swat using RPGs?

venom061583d ago

the same reason you have DOGS fallin out the sky to chase people in CoD... IT AINT MEANT TO BE A SIMULATION, ITS MEANT TO BE FUN...

JBSleek1583d ago

I mean it's a Beta. BF4 didn't look that great during it's Beta.

saber000051583d ago

JBSleek, I played beta of BF4. The graphics didn't change THAT much... If anything at all from the only 1 map they produced.

Septic1583d ago

This just felt like an expansion to BF4 for me as opposed to a brand new game. Ah well, will wait for the full release.

AmbaLaBamba1583d ago

I feel like this should be DLC, not a full release. I'm not enjoying the Beta, no matter how many times I play it and try to like it.

saber000051583d ago

As one who has played and owned all the Battlefield series so far... I think I'm going to pass.. I hate to say it, but they really screwed up Battlefield 4. And it's STILL BROKEN. Why should I buy a game that its predecessor failed to be corrected? I'm deeply disappointed in Dice.

cfc831583d ago

Not impressed by it. Destiny shows this game up for what it is. A BF4 add on that shouldn't be anywhere near full price.

TheFutureIsBlue1583d ago

Played Destiny all weekend. Decided to hop on the Hardline beta and got off after a match. I can't believe they expect us to pay 60$ for this, when they launched expansions back in the old days, that changed and added a lot more than this game...and they were 30$. Even the Battlefield Vietnam dlc released for Bad Company 2 was 15$(I think from what I remembered). WTF EA!

cfc831583d ago

The battlefield brand is sinking. With so many big titles dropping, its going to take something big in battlefield 5 to save it. I hope they do, but will the hunger be there from dice and fans ?

jamstorr861583d ago

yep, i agree with everyone. Played Beta on PS4 and even though i have really tried hard to like it, I just can't. It feels like a cheap imitation of a Battlefield game. controls are cluncky, graphics look meh, and sounds are naf. Just feels like a half-arsed version. i know it's beta. However, a BETA should represent what a game will look and feel like, with a few bugs to iron out. unless they give it a good overhaul, i think i will skip it. Shame, as COD doesn't appeal to me either.

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