Master Chief Collection Infographic & Details

A very well put together Halo: Master Chief Collection Info graphic detailing everything and anything related that matters.

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pornflakes1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

The Xbox One, Xbox Live together with the Master Chief collection and the award winning gaming controller will give players the best gaming experience in 2014.

4 games for 60 bucks is a untouchable value which will give gamers houndrets of gaming hours only available on Xbox One.

air11589d ago

Did they announce the price? I figured it would be 100 for all that content.

Wikkid6661589d ago

Yes, they did announce the price.

MasterCornholio1588d ago

Its a great value but the best game of 2014?

Pretty hard to claim that when there are games like The Last of Us, GTAV, MGSV Phantom Pain, Dark Souls 2, Forza Horizons, Driveclub fighting for that title.

Regardless of who you are there are amazing games for everyone this year.

In my case I think that out of everything either FF14 or The Last of Us or GTAV will be the best experience that I'll have.

Remember this is just my opinion and im not trying to start anything with it.

alexkoepp1588d ago

FF14, LoU, GTA will only be the best experience you have if you don't buy this game.

Seriously, this game blew everyone away and exceeded everyone's expectations. And Microsoft knew it was an ace in the hole. The fact that they were able to win e3 without even showing the big guns (Halo 5) was insane. I was so sure and so excited to see Halo 5 that day, but after they showed the MC collection I was blown away and didn't even need to see Halo 5 so I'm glad they saved it for another day. Hard to believe the game of the show is a remake. Well, 4 remakes - and possibly the best gaming value ever to be released.

walkincarpet1588d ago

i'm normally not a fan of going backwards or staying with one game too long because time is short and I want to spend the gaming portion playing the best and newest games. However playing Halo 1 & 2, two of the best of all time, on dedicated servers in 1080p & 60fps with the best controller is now the newest and best game out there. I have no doubt I'll be chomping at the bit to move on from Destiny when this game releases. Still having trouble wrapping my mind around 100+ maps and who knows how many weapons and gameplay modes. This along with Halo 5 looks to remove COD from Halo's rightful place - king of the shooters.

2cents1589d ago

"There are those who say this day would never come. What are they to say now."

lol... Nice closing statement :)

Ashunderfire861588d ago

That's what I love about Halo 2 that quote! I really hope that we can use any Halo rules for any Halo game! It will probably help Halo 4 get back on top again. Halo 1 will be the one I will play online first!

tigertron1589d ago

For me, the chance to play Blood Gulch and Death Island with upgraded graphics and 1080p/60fps is enough for me to buy an Xbox One. I can't wait for this. :D

marijanFTW1589d ago

halo is such a juggernaut. staggering 1 halo game (halo 3) sold over 10 million

shmeedy246851589d ago

So much multiplayer :) Plus the Campaign as well. Roll on November!

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The story is too old to be commented.