Is Alien: Isolation the Alien Game We’ve All Been Waiting For?

GeekParty's April Marie writes: "We at GeekParty are starting to believe that Alien: Isolation could be the Alien game to top all Alien games. Creative Assembly released a new trailer and more screenshots at E3 this year, and all of this has me believing that this game has the potential to be amazing."

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Garethvk1640d ago

I was very impressed with it.

esemce1640d ago

Yes ! more horror, less dumb shooting galleries.

Vegetarianshark1640d ago

Careful what you wish for. Horror is becoming very popular these days. I appreciate them in moderate quantities so hopefully it doesn't become too abundant like Military FPS.

Ravenheartzero1640d ago

After seeing New footage at E3 I'm really liking the look of it :)

JamieLeeC931640d ago

From what I've seen I think it could be

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The story is too old to be commented.