Kwari killed off

Online game offering 'cash for kills' runs out of money and goes into receivership.

Kwari, the 'cash for kills' online FPS which offered players the chance to win money by betting on their performance, has closed just a year after it launched.

The company behind game, designed in the UK but managed by Australian web firm Micro Forte, has reportedly gone into receivership.

The business had expected to make money by asking players to pay for bullets used during gameplay, but clearly the company ran out of ammo itself.

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Ashta5596d ago

Consider this was the dumbest freaking idea EVER I am -not- surprised.

Tempist5596d ago

It only took a year? Hmm... I thought it would have gone down sooner. I wonder if people got refunds.

Xakep5596d ago

Micro Forte needs to get back to BigWorldTech and making Citizen Zero instead of fooling around with this nonsense.


Kwari shuts down

GamesIndustry.biz reports: Kwari, the skill-based online site that was set to launch at the beginning of this year, has gone into receivership.

The project, which had aimed to provide gamers with a free-to-play first-person shooter game in which contestants would wager on the outcome of matches using microtransactions, failed to spark as a successful business model.

The company had intended to make money by charging for the purchase of in-game ammunition, with players taking any winnings made on the match bets and other jackpots available.

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Snoozer2825597d ago

Doesn't exactly surprise me. The business model was deeply flawed.


Online Shooter Brings Cash-For-Kills Gaming To U.S., Only In States Where It's Legal

MTV Multiplayer writes: "Ever wanted to translate your gaming skills into dollar bills?

Now's your chance.

In the online multiplayer first-person shooter called "Kwari," players go can head-to-head to win jackpots of cash.

Launched in early January in Europe, "Kwari" is a free downloadable game - but you have to spend money to make money. The ammo will cost you five bucks for 5,000 bullets, and that's the only cut that publisher Kwari Limited gets. The money for the jackpots is pooled together from real money spent on in-game goods - weapons, health upgrades and self-inflicted injuries - and it stays strictly in-game. With Visa, Mastercard and PayPal on board, "Kwari" looks to set its sights beyond Europe."

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Cyrus3655675d ago

Interesting concept of basically betting on if your going to win or not. Sort like the online porker craze, but with an FPS game. Is there team play, imagine the possibilities. Imagien if some noob cost the team 10 K or something, man that'd lead to some kind of trouble.

games4fun5675d ago (Edited 5675d ago )

but i'm not that good, i wouldnt risk money on an fps what if i'm having an off day?

although i might be tempted to try it once in a while if it was gears/or resistance...

there is one big problem with this poker games dont get glitches that allow for unfair play but this game is almost 100% guaranteed to have someone trying to get away with glitches/or cheats haxors lol

bourner5675d ago

i played the beta of this and the graphics werent all that . like ut3

Bnet3435675d ago

lol like UT3 ya ....... wait what?!

TheExecutive5675d ago

i think he meant that they werent like UT3's?

ambientFLIER5674d ago

The graphics aren't the point. This could be the original doom, and people would still play it because of the concept. Online poker doesn't have good graphics either, and look how big that is...

rev205675d ago

Now you have a reason to cheat.

I would cheat if money was involved

TheExecutive5675d ago

yeah when money is involved who cares about fair play, respect, and honesty. /sarcasm

gamesR4fun5675d ago

have yet to see an online game without cheats and hacks this one will be even worst than most.

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PC Gamer: Kwari Review

There's a free version, but without the incentive of profit there's no reason to put up with such a dated, remarkably clunky shooter. With only one game mode at launch, and so few playing, right now there isn't much point in putting up with the commercial version, either.

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