E3: Our six top picks

GamesAsylum pick a clutch of titles that caught their attention, including Nintendo’s staggeringly beautiful Wii U Zelda outing and the ambitious and similarly beautiful PlayStation 4-exclusive No Man’s Sky.

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modesign2219d ago

no division, epic fail on gamasylums part

Number-Nine2219d ago

i thought no mans sky looked pretty lame.

Einhert2219d ago

It looks great but everyone is caught up in the shiny and the innovation going on.

However I have a concern with it.....What will be the incentive to keep playing? I mean there is no story or characters so what is the incentive to fly around and look about on planets?

It could get old really really fast like the X series of games did as they boiled down to just flying about in space not really doing anything.

Transporter472219d ago

Where is Bloodborne!?!?!?!

JBSleek2219d ago

People it's opinion not fact. List is subject to change depending on people's preference.

Einhert2219d ago

No Witcher 3?

Not sure is srs

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